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Guest post: Cambridge Design Partnership designs Bloodhound Project’s steering wheel

Bloodhound infographic teaser

Innovative technology and design consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership today unveiled the final steering wheel design for the Bloodhound supersonic car.

A specialist team of CDP engineers have been working on the Bloodhound Project since January, when they took on the vital work of finalising the design of the steering wheel for manufacture. One of the most exciting and inspiring UK engineering ventures in many years, the Bloodhound Project is the UK’s attempt to build a jet and rocket powered car that will exceed 1,000 miles per hour.

The initial steering wheel design was created by the Bloodhound team using a number of novel design techniques including bio-mimicry, crowd sourcing and drawing on experience from the current land speed record holder Thrust SSC (763 mph, 1997), which was also driven by Tornado pilot Andy Green. Early concepts of the Bloodhound wheel were developed in clay from Andy’s hand imprints in the triple layer fireproof gloves he will wear for this record attempt.

Full infographic below.

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