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Monaco 6 months 2013: Porsche on podium, Ferrari in Top 10!

Ferrari F12 Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Raphael Belly Ferrari F12. Picture by Raphael Belly, all rights reserved.

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Twice a year I can share with you exclusive sales data for the Principality of Monaco, you won’t find this anywhere else than on BSCB! For now a brands ranking, with the models ranking following shortly. While most of the European continent was in recession over the first half of 2013, Monaco is an island of health/wealth with new car sales up 9% year-on-year over the period to 1,404 registrations. At the same time last year Mercedes was the dominant brand in the Principality followed by Audi, but in 2013 Audi takes control as it did over the Full Year 2012 thanks to sales up a whopping 29% to 221 and a gargantuan 15.7% market share, kicking Mercedes down to #2 in spite of sales up 6% to 184 units and 13.1%.

Porsche Panamera Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Stephan FlischPorsche Panamera. Picture courtesy of Stephan Flisch, all rights reserved.

As unbelievable as it seems, Porsche is once again the third most popular brand here with 96 sales and 6.8% of the market, by far its highest ranking and share anywhere in the world. But it is not the only manufacturer to achieve world-best scores in Monaco as you will see further down… BMW is catching up though, up 11% and 2 spots on the same point last year to #4 and 6.5%, passing Volkswagen (-4%) and Mini (-18%) while Toyota (+25%), Land Rover (+20%) and Fiat (+50%) follow and all lodge great gains.

Bentley Mulsanne Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Seber GiesbersBentley Muslanne. Picture by Seger Giesbers, all rights reserved.

It did it: #11 last year, Ferrari manages to break into the Monaco Top 10 most successful brands thanks to sales up a massive 28% year-on-year to 46 units for a 3.3% market share. Like over the Full Year 2012, Ferrari outsells all French manufacturers even though Monaco is nested within France: Peugeot is #12, Renault #16 and Citroen #17. Note none of the French carmakers have bothered opening a dealership in the Principality, so all French cars registered in Monaco had to be bought in France.

Aston Martin One-77 Monaco 2013. Picture courtesy of Seber GiebersAston Martin One-77. Picture by Seger Giesbers, all rights reserved.

There are two more prestige brands in the Top 15 believe it or not… Bentley continues its love story with Monaco, ranking at an incredible 13th place like last year with 29 sales and 2.1% while Aston Martin is up a crazy 317% and 13 spots year-on-year to land in 15th position at 25 units and 1.8% share…

Rolls RoyceMonaco August 2013Rolls-Royce more than doubled its Monaco sales over the period!

Further down, notice Rolls-Royce more than doubling its sales year-on-year and up 6 ranks to #26 and 0.8% share, Infiniti up 350% to #28, Maserati up 14% but down 4 spots to #31, Lamborghini up 133% to #33 and 0.5% and Bugatti making a come-back in the ranking at #39 with one car sold. Other big if less exotic gainers include Hyundai up 250% to #18, Opel up 300% to #21 and Dacia up 83% to #23.

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