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Malaysia August 2013: Record year still in the cards

Proton Preve Suprima S Malaysia August 2013. Picture courtesy of pautan.orgProton Prevé and Suprima S. Still no models data available for Malaysia… 

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After lodging its best month in 4 years in July, the Malaysian new car market returns back to normal in August, down 25% on last month to 51,104 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 433,023 units, up 5% year-on-year. The Full Year prediction now stands at 640,000 sales, up 2% on 2012 which was already a record year.

As it has now been the case for over a year, this is all the information I can share with you on the Malaysian car market. This is because the Competition Commissioner believes that sharing of detailed historical sales data will a negative effect on competition and place consumers at a disadvantage. As a result many companies are unwilling to supply the data to the Malaysian Automotive Association, no models ranking has been made available since May 2012 and the brands ranking is only available twice a year as it was the case last month.

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