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China 8 months 2013: Discover the Top 326 All-models ranking!

Kia K3 China August 2013The Kia K3 is now the best-performing all-new model so far in 2013.

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As is now the tradition on BSCB,  after going through the monthly sales charts and focusing on the all-new models entering the ranking, we explore the year-to-date figures to try and extract longer-term trends. As a reminder the overall Chinese market is still on track to achieve a record year, the first one above 20 million annual vehicles actually, when you include commercial vehicles.. And you would think such a big market would display a very stable models ranking. Think again. The Top 10 (and the rest of the ranking even more) is completely reshuffled when compared with the same stage last year. Only #9 one year ago, the VW Lavida is now by far the most popular Passenger Car in the country thanks to sales more than doubling year-on-year (+109%) to 291,894, the highest sales result after 8 months of any model in the history of Passenger Cars in China… Note this figure includes the Gran Lavida.

Nissan Sylphy China August 2013. Picture courtesy of of Nissan Sylphy are up 72% this year in China.

In 2nd place whereas it was only 5th one year ago, the Ford Focus is up 62% to 249,576 units while the Buick Excelle, best-seller overall at the same time last year, is down two spots to #3 because of sales up only 1% to 192,772. The other two spectacular progressions in the Top 10 are delivered by the VW Sagitar (Chinese for the current gen Jetta) up 68% and 13 ranks to #4 and 185,963 sales and the Nissan Sylphy up 72% and 18 spots to #9 at 148,491 units. The Chevrolet Sail and VW Jetta are both down 3 to #5 and #6 and the VW Passat and Bora down one to #7 and #8 while the Chevrolet Cruze is down 6 to #10.

Buick Excelle XT China August 2013Buick Excelle XT

Just outside the Top 10, notice the Buick Excelle XT/GT (a Chinese current gen Opel Astra) up 23% to #11. For a long time the best performing newcomer, the Hyundai Elantra Langdong celebrates one year since its Chinese launch and is now therefore up 1074% to #12. Great result for the Great Wall Haval H6 up 150% and 40 spots to #15 at 128,754 sales, the most popular local ahead of the Emgrand EC7 up 42% and 13 ranks to #19. The VW Polo displays impressive health, up 40% and 13 spots to #31 while the VW Santana is already enjoying the benefits of its new generation, up 41% and 15 ranks to #22 and the Hyundai ix35 is up a fantastic 79% and 24 spots to #25.

Hyundai Santa Fe China August 2013Hyundai Santa Fe

This month the Kia K3 becomes the best performing of all 50 newcomers in the ranking and the only one inside the Top 30 at #28 with 89,285 units sold, above the BYD F3 Surui at #35 and 80,195 sales, the Ford Kuga at #60 and 55,598 units, ChangAn Honor at #65, Hyundai Santa Fe at #68 and ChangAn CS35 at #73.

Zotye Z300 China August 2013Zotye Z300

Other interesting evolutions include the Great Wall Haval M4 up 379% to #32 and shaping up to be an incredible success, now #5 local just below the Great Wall Voleex C30 and Chery QQ… The Chevrolet Malibu is up 214% to #44, Venucia R50/D50 up 209% to #52, ChangAn Eado up 231% to #62, GAC Trumpchi GS5 up 374% to #80 and the Zotye Z300 up 526% to #92.

Citroen C Quatre China August 2013. Picture courtesy of C-Quatre

Now onto a few well known models. The Audi A6L passes the 100,000 units milestone after just 8 months but is down 3 spots to #24 while the BMW 5 Series L is up a very satisfying 34% and 15 spots to #30, the Audi A4L up 18% to #34, the BMW 3 Series L up a huge 137% to #76 and the Mercedes C-Class up 21% to #134. The Skoda Octavia is down 12% to #33, Citroen C-Quatre (aka C4) up 3% to #40, Peugeot 308 up 35% to #61 in spite of its ‘old’ age and the Fiat Viaggio down to #136 (it was #125 last month).

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Full 8 months 2013 Top 326 All-models Ranking Table below.

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