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China July 2013: Focus on the all-new models

GAC Trumpchi GA3 China July 2013. Picture courtesy of GAC Trumpchi GA3 is the best-selling all-new model in China this month.

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This is a new series on BSCB, focusing on the all-new models entering the Chinese ranking, and just when I start zooming on the new entrants it looks like the newcomer tap stops to just a dribble… Not to worry, we’ll also look at how the models that appeared in the last couple of months are faring. For July we have two all-new vehicles in the ranking and one model changing name, yes Sir. Remember this update will always only consider models manufactured in China as imports data is unavailable for now.

GAC logo. Picture courtesy of logo we don’t see too often: GAC’s

So in July the best-selling all-new model in China has a grand total of 328 sales and points its bonnet in 236th position: the GAC Trumpchi GA3  is the 4th addition to the Trumpchi range for Chinese carmaker GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Group Co) which also manufactures the Fiat Viaggio and the Gonow SUV range. Where do I see the GA3 ranking in the near future? Based on the performance of the other members of the Trumpchi range, not too high. The ‘original’ Trumpchi, launched in 2010, peaked at #118 in December 2011 and ranked #201 over the Full Year 2012. Looks like it was then renamed GA5 with a best of #196 in February 2012 and currently #222. The only truly performing Trumpchi model is an SUV: the GS5, launched in April 2012, reached #72 last month. A Top 100 ranking for the GA3 would be a true success, but realistically it should stay around the #150-#200 mark.

BAW (Beijing) Knight China July 2013BAW Qishi

The only other all-new model this month is the BAW Qishi (Knight), a slightly disguised 1984 Jeep Cherokee (!), at #281 and a minuscule 48 sales. However similarly to the BAW 007 we covered two months ago, the Qishi was originally launched in 2005 and is actually 2 years old in its current generation but is only appearing in the rankings now because BAW has finally made sales figures available. Don’t expect the Qishi to climb very high in the ranking. It will be a true achievement if it hits #200.

Chery X1 China July 2013The Riich X1 becomes Chery X1 and is also named Indis in Russia and Beat in Ukraine.

The next ‘new’ nameplate this month is actually a rename. This is an extremely rare event that normally only occurs when a brand gets bought out or disappears. Well it’s more or less what happened here. Chery, China’s largest exporter, launched 2 separate upmarket brands in 2009: Riich for passenger cars and Rely for business vehicles (roughly). Neither really took off, and at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year Chery announced it was killing off both brands, but would phase out its models rather than abruptly stop their production. First off: the Riich X1 becomes the Chery X1 and ranks #254, down 86% year-on-year. Expect more renaming activity happening later on this year.

FAW Hongqi H7 China July 2013. Picture courtesy of FAW Hongqi H7 sells 303 units in July in China.

Now onto the models we covered over the last 2 months to see which ones are faring best. Two are totally overpowering the rest and have ‘graduated’ to the overall July update: the Honda Crider multiplies its sales by 3 and gains 95 ranks to land at #30 with 10,357 sales and already by far Honda’s best-selling passenger car in the country! The VW Gran Lavida is up 39% to 8,493 units which would earn it a brilliant #41 spot but I have now incorporated this figure into the Lavida sales total. The Dongfeng Fengguang continues to progress: up 40 spots and 35% on June to #140 and 2,074 sales as does the Beijing Senova D up 14 to #185, the Luxgen 5 Sedan up 35 to #223 and the FAW Hongqi H7 up 18 to #238.

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Full July 2013 Top 306 All-models Ranking Table below (with June comparison).

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