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Spain June 2013 Private Sales: Dacia #1 brand, Sandero #1 model

Dacia Sandero Spain June 2013. Picture courtesy of xcoches.esDacia is the #1 brand with private buyers in Spain in June.

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Today I had the privilege of speaking with Luis Subias, Marketing Director of Renault España, so I could share with you the reasons behind Renault’s great performance in the country in June (#1 brand with 9.9% share vs. #9 in May) and some interesting facts about Dacia. There are 3 main factors behind Renault’s Spanish performance in June. Firstly, this month’s sales reflect deliveries taken in April and May when the brand was especially aggressive with commercial actions. Secondly, Renault Captur advertising kick-started this month, emphasising the fact that the model is ‘made in Spain’, a particularly important piece of information in the current depressed economic context, especially when Renault created 700 new jobs for the 2nd shift of the successful model in its Valladolid factory.

Renault Captur Valladolid Spain June 2013The Renault Captur is ‘hecho en España’ (made in Spain). That helped.

This has potentially had a bit of a halo effect on the rest of the range, and while the Captur landed at #54 in June, the Clio was up 10 spots on May to #2 and is fighting with the Seat Ibiza for the title of best-selling model in the private sales ranking so far in 2013. Lastly and that was expected, Renault sales to short-term rentals were strong in June as is usually the case in summer months however Luis Subias pointed out that Renault has been more conservative than most in this area, concentrating this type of sales into June and July vs. all through the year, which is consistent with Renault’s new policy to limit tactical but less profitable sales across Europe.

Last but not least, some very interesting news about Renault’s low-cost arm, Dacia, extremely successful with private buyers as is also the case in France and Germany… Click on ‘Read more’ to read on.

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