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Japan 6 months 2013: Toyota Prius and Aqua fight it off

Honda N One Japan June 2013. Picture courtesy of dime.jpThe Honda N-One is the best performing all-new model in Japan, all categories combined.

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After a somewhat artificial boost at the same time last year due to incentives for eco-friendly vehicles, the Japanese new car market drops by 8% year-on-year over the first half of 2013 to 2,711,648 registrations. This is split between 1,470,304 regular local vehicles (-14%), 1,070,616 Kei cars (-2%) and 170,728 imports (+13%).

Toyota Prius Aqua Japan June 2013. Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpOnly 136 units separate the Toyota Prius and Aqua so far in 2013!

Atop the models ranking the battle rages between the Toyota Prius down 27% to 132,472 sales over the period and its little sister the Toyota Aqua up 3% to 132,336. In fact, the Aqua led the year-to-date ranking in 2013 up until May, with the Prius reclaiming the lead in-extremis in June. At this stage I would pick the Prius as the favorite for the year-end lead as the Aqua seems to have completed the traditional honeymoon period every all-new model experiences in Japan, falling by 29% year-on-year in May and 19% in June. But the race is still wide open.

Nissan Note Japan June 2013. Picture courtesy of Note sales are up 142% year-on-year in 2013 thanks to the new generation.

The Nissan Note brilliantly jumps onto the Japanese podium thanks to the new generation launched last August, with sales up 142% to 82,466 while the Honda Fit falls heavily at -46% to #4. The Toyota Crown impresses, up 181% and 21 spots to #6 at 48,458 units while the new model hasn’t lifted Toyota Corolla sales that much: +8% and still #8.

Toyota Crown Japan June 2013Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpThe Toyota Crown is up 181% on 2012.

Other great performers in the regular cars Top 30 include the Subaru Impreza up 41% and 12 ranks to #11, the Toyota Spade, by far the best-performing all-new regular car (and only one in the Top 30) at #12, the Subaru Forester up 242% to #18, Mazda CX-5 up 27% and 10 spots to #19, Toyota Porte up 278% to #23 thanks to the new model and the Mazda Atenza multiplying its sales by 10 with the new generation to #29 and 12,820 units.

Honda-NBOX-Japan-February-2012The Honda N-Box is the best-selling Kei car in Japan.

In the Kei car category, the models ranking sees a complete reshuffle compared to one year ago. The Honda N-Box brilliantly takes the lead thanks to sales up 14% to 118,303, however it is followed closely by the Daihatsu Move up 33% to 114,101 units and #1 for the last 3 consecutive months. The Suzuki Wagon R remains third at 104,569 sales while the Daihatsu Mira, #1 at the same time last year, is down 37% and 3 spots to #4.

Nissan Dayz Japan June 2013.Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpNissan Dayz

There are no less than 4 all-new Kei cars inside the Top 20. The best performer is the quirky Honda N-One landing directly at #6 with 66,131 units. Then we find the Suzuki Spacia at #8 and 34,987 sales, the Nissan Dayz at #15 with 12,247 units and the Mazda Flair at #17 and 11,112 sales.

VW Golf Japan June 2013The VW Golf 6 is about to be replaced in Japan, can the 7th gen help it save its imports title in 2013?

In the imports category, the VW Golf keeps the lead, but just: it is down 35% year-on-year to 8,395 sales vs. 8,298 (+1%) for the Mini. The BMW 3 Series is up 5 spots and 93% to #3 at 7,783 units, the VW Up! lands directly at a fantastic 5th place with 6,898 sales, the VW Beetle and Mercedes A-Class pop up at #7 and #8 respectively whereas they weren’t inside the Top 20 one year ago and the Volvo V40 lands at #11.

Mercedes A Class Japan June 2013. Picture courtesy of openers.jpMercedes passed Lexus to become the #1 luxury brand in Japan.

In the overall brands ranking, Toyota unsurprisingly maintains its grip on the market but sees its share slide from 30.3% to 28.9%. Honda (-15%) follows while Suzuki (-2%) and Nissan (-5%) both pass Daihatsu (-10%) to rank #3 and #4 respectively.  Volkswagen is the top import brand at #9 overall with 32,842 sales and 1.2% share but the big event further down the ranking is Mercedes passing Lexus to become the #1 luxury brand at #11 and 24,339 units (up an impressive 24% year-on-year) vs. 22,890 for Lexus. BMW (+9%) and Audi (+20%) also progress.

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6 months 2013 Top 45 models, Top 50 brands and all categories Ranking Tables below.

Japan 6 months 2013 – brands:

PosBrand6m 2013%/126m 2012%Pos
15Mitsubishi Fuso16,8170.6%-8%18,2640.6%15
19UD Trucks4,1810.2%-14%4,8450.2%19
25Land Rover1,7920.1%145%7300.0%29
26Alfa Romeo1,6530.1%-32%2,4470.1%23
38Aston Martin1180.0%82%650.0%42
51Buick50.0%new00.0% –

Japan 6 months 2013 – models (all categories combined):

1Toyota Prius132,472-27%181,6301
2Toyota Aqua132,3363%128,2433
3Honda N-BOX118,30314%103,8415
4Daihatsu Move114,10133%86,0938
5Suzuki Wagon R104,5695%99,9386
6Nissan Note82,466142%34,13019
7Daihatsu Mira80,097-37%126,2224
8Honda Fit72,191-46%133,3452
9Daihatsu Tanto70,364-24%92,6817
10Honda N-ONE66,131new0 –
11Suzuki Alto59,946-7%64,57811
12Nissan Serena49,241-7%53,10612
13Toyota Crown48,458181%17,25937
14Toyota Vitz45,996-29%64,78610
15Toyota Corolla40,2448%37,37015
16Honda Freed37,974-46%70,6299
17Nissan Moco34,956-10%38,63013
18Honda StepWGN32,656-10%36,19017
19Subaru Impreza28,80041%20,41133
20Toyota Spade25,385new0 –
21Toyota Vellfire24,693-35%38,10014
22Mazda Demio24,408-30%34,92218
23Toyota Passo22,626-30%32,13320
24Suzuki Swift21,096-15%24,67927
25Toyota Voxy21,067-33%31,44421
26Mitsubishi eK19,72221%16,29439
27Subaru Forester19,690242%5,749n/a
28Mazda CX-519,48527%15,32541
29Toyota Estima17,562-14%20,37734
30Toyota Noah17,034-24%22,39131
31Toyota Alphard17,004-37%27,11225
32Toyota Porte16,688278%4,415n/a
33Suzuki Solio16,651-28%23,04930
34Suzuki MR Wagon16,392-29%23,21829
35Nissan Roox15,966-47%30,21622
36Nissan March15,622-33%23,23128
37Toyota Pixis Space15,016-4%15,57540
38Toyota Ractis14,187-50%28,61824
39Toyota Wish13,967-37%22,13532
40Nissan X-Trail13,730-18%16,67038
41Subaru Stella13,3829%12,248n/a
42Mazda Atenza12,820899%1,283n/a
43Nissan Cube12,269-51%25,25126
44Nissan Dayz12,247new0 –
45Suzuki Palette12,222-67%36,94816

Japan 6 months 2013 – regular cars:

1Toyota Prius132,472-27%181,63011
2Toyota Aqua132,3363%128,24332
3Nissan Note82,466142%34,130117
4Honda Fit72,191-46%133,34523
5Nissan Serena49,241-7%53,10666
6Toyota Crown48,458181%17,2592726
7Toyota Vitz45,996-29%64,78655
8Toyota Corolla40,2448%37,37088
9Honda Freed37,974-46%70,62944
10Honda StepWGN32,656-10%36,19099
11Subaru Impreza28,80041%20,4112313
12Toyota Spade25,385new0 –29
13Toyota Vellfire24,693-35%38,100710
14Mazda Demio24,408-30%34,9221011
15Toyota Passo22,626-30%32,1331212
16Suzuki Swift21,096-15%24,6791715
17Toyota Voxy21,067-33%31,4441314
18Subaru Forester19,690242%5,749n/an/a
19Mazda CX-519,48527%15,3252924
20Toyota Estima17,562-14%20,3772420
21Toyota Noah17,034-24%22,3912122
22Toyota Alphard17,004-37%27,1121517
23Toyota Porte16,688278%4,415n/an/a
24Suzuki Solio16,651-28%23,0491921
25Nissan March15,622-33%23,2311819
26Toyota Ractis14,187-50%28,6181416
27Toyota Wish13,967-37%22,1352223
28Nissan X-Trail13,730-18%16,6702828
29Mazda Atenza12,820899%1,283n/an/a
30Nissan Cube12,269-51%25,2511618


Japan 6 months 2013 – Kei cars:

1Honda N-BOX118,30314%103,84122
2Daihatsu Move114,10133%86,09355
3Suzuki WagonR104,5695%99,93833
4Daihatsu Mira80,097-37%126,22211
5Daihatsu Tanto70,364-24%92,68144
6Honda N-ONE66,131new0 –17
7Suzuki Alto59,946-7%64,57866
8Suzuki Spacia34,987new0 – –
9Nissan Moco34,956-10%38,63077
10Mitsubishi eK19,72221%16,2941213
11Suzuki MR Wagon16,392-29%23,2181111
12Nissan Roox15,966-47%30,21699
13Toyota Pixis Space15,016-4%15,5751312
14Subaru Stella13,3829%12,2481514
15Nissan Dayz12,247new0 – –
16Suzuki Palette12,222-67%36,94888
17Mazda Flair11,112new0 –n/a
18Suzuki Every Wagon10,794-5%11,3031815
19Suzuki Jimny8,75618%7,4411918
20Honda Life7,716-74%29,3032010

Source: JMVA

Japan 6 months 2013 (imports):

1VW Golf8,395-35%13,01211
3BMW 3 Series7,78393%4,04185
4Mercedes C-Class7,048-9%7,78643
5VW Up!6,898new0 –16
6VW Polo6,592-26%8,85324
7VW Beetle5,825n/an/an/a17
8Mercedes A-Class4,543n/an/an/an/a
9BMW 1 Series3,933-27%5,39166
10Mercedes E-Class3,880-10%4,32278
11Volvo V403,766new0 – –
12Mercedes B-Class3,28513%2,9201110
13BMW 5 Series3,238-16%3,87499
14Audi A12,81538%2,0511614
15Volvo V602,748-25%3,672107
16Audi A42,6219%2,4071412
17Audi A32,211n/an/an/a19
18BMW X12,195-22%2,8141211
19Fiat 5002,116-6%2,2481513

Source: JAIA


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  1. can someone explain me why the official car registration amount to 2.3 mill according to jada while here it is reported 2.7 mill at june ytd 13

  2. @Sam
    Hyundai doesn’t sell cars in Japan anymore, only trucks/buses, and Kia doesn’t sell anything. Don’t think they ever did.

    Japanese / Korean relations are… not the best.

  3. I like the Toyota Crown Athlete design very much and I think that customers in China would love it, since it has a bold grille! Honda should Americanized the NBox using Fit or Civic’s platform and sell in North America to compete with Scion xB & Kia Soul

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