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Guest post: Best apps to download when buying a car

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Purchasing a vehicle is a big life decision as it is a large chunk of money and a commitment of an average 10 years according to an article on USA Today. When making these decisions most consumers consult their BFF Google for reviews, pricing and to see what the latest and greatest available technologies are.   With the popularity of using and Craigslist for buying and selling cars many consumers rely on sites to help them ensure they are not getting ripped off when purchasing from private sellers instead of dealerships. Here are some of the top apps to help you in your buying and selling ventures that you can use on the go to get information quickly.

Vinny App

This app gives you specs and car value instantly by scanning the VIN. Eliminate the error of typing in the long VIN number here just simply scan and you can have decision making material at your fingertips. If you want you can also purchase a vehicle history report through this app as well. I have personally used this app and was very impressed with the simplicity. From a seller’s perspective, this app allows you to take the spec information and share it across social platforms. This gives you an easy way to advertise the vehicle and save you the task of manually imputing this information. Seller and Buyer Friendly App! App

This company has had great success at providing a place to find autos for sale through dealers and private sellers so it’s only natural that they would also have an app for that. I found this app helpful when I was trying to find the best possible pricing as it provided pricing for dealerships and other sellers in one place so I could decide where to purchase. Another bonus with this app is you can get quick access to reviews and video which is helpful if you are not already a car expert. The best part about this app is that you are able to run a FREE Carfax report. This will give you detailed information on whether or not the vehicle has been in any accidents, or had any issues. When buying a car you should always check this to ensure you will not be running into major repairs in the future. The biggest advantage of everyone having access to high speed internet is the availability of this kind of information which keeps the consumer informed, especially when making big purchases!

Edmunds App

If you are looking for a specific model of a car this app works well to seek out dealerships that have the specific model you are looking for and pricing.  The added bonus to this app is that it calculates monthly loan amounts to help you to figure out if the vehicle fits your budget. With all the great apps out there you should be fully equipped to make a smart vehicle purchase. Just remember you really can’t trust anyone these days so do the research and check the vehicle history before purchasing….you will be happy you did!

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