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Sweden April 2013: Market back in positive

Volvo V70 Sweden April 20132013 Volvo V70

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For the first time this year, new car sales in Sweden are up year-on-year in April at +4% to 24,175 registrations, however the year-to-date total is still down by a significant amount at -12% to 80,249 units. The models ranking is very stable and relatively uneventful this month, with the Top 3 unchanged on March: the Volvo V70 at 7.4% followed by the Volvo S/V60 at 5.9% and the VW Passat at 5.4%. The VW Golf is up one spot to #4 while the Volvo V40 stops its progression to fall back down to #6 and 3% share vs. 4.5% last month.

The BMW 3 Series is up 5 ranks to #7 and is now #8 year-to-date as in 2012, the Skoda Fabia is up 9 to #9, the Fiat Ducato up 11 to #11, most probably the result of large order of motorhomes in anticipation of Summer, like it happened last month in Germany. Further down, the Toyota RAV4 is up 8 ranks to #34, the Subaru Forester remains solid at #37 vs. #81 in 2012 and the Hyundai Santa Fe appears in the Top 50 at #43 vs. #93 in 2012 thanks to the new generation.

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Full April 2013 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Sweden April 2013:

1Volvo V701,7787.4%15,9257.4%11
2Volvo S/V601,4185.9%24,5365.7%33
3VW Passat1,1944.9%34,6055.7%22
4VW Golf1,0704.4%52,7803.5%54
5Volvo XC607383.1%82,2912.9%66
6Volvo V407213.0%43,0073.7%425
7BMW 3-Serie6322.6%131,6532.1%88
8Kia Cee’d5612.3%61,8472.3%75
9Skoda Fabia4852.0%181,1791.5%1715
10Audi A44671.9%101,5541.9%910
11Fiat Ducato4491.9%227811.0%2629
12BMW 5-Serie4441.8%141,4811.8%1011
13Skoda Octavia4241.8%121,3711.7%1219
14Hyundai i303531.5%257390.9%2821
15Audi A63511.5%191,1871.5%1614
16Peugeot 3083511.5%n/a8571.1%2328
17Renault Clio3431.4%201,1171.4%1813
18Toyota Auris3411.4%171,2261.5%1431
19Ford Focus3381.4%151,3961.7%117
20Nissan Qashqai3371.4%91,2241.5%1517
21VW Polo3271.4%497290.9%3018
22Kia Sportage3091.3%249851.2%2026
23Toyota Yaris3081.3%161,0771.3%199
24Peugeot 2082891.2%n/a7370.9%2941
25VW Tiguan2671.1%219121.1%2123
26Renault Mégane2561.1%111,3391.7%1312
27Audi A32301.0%308731.1%2227
28BMW 1-Serie2230.9%326060.8%3434
29Subaru Legacy2140.9%388171.0%2536
30Mercedes E Class2110.9%297040.9%3130
31Honda CR-V1880.8%347460.9%2758
32Hyundai i401840.8%364400.5%4937
33Mercedes A Class1780.7%276560.8%3276
34Toyota RAV41660.7%424670.6%4366
35Audi Q51610.7%475280.7%3654
36Kia Venga1540.6%n/a3270.4%7150
37Subaru Forester1530.6%334760.6%4180
38VW Up!1470.6%354490.6%4678
39Skoda Superb1450.6%405200.6%3739
40Peugeot 5081450.6%n/a4380.5%5024
41BMW X11420.6%444970.6%3951
42Opel Astra1410.6%435350.7%3533
43Hyundai Santa Fe1410.6%n/a3980.5%6093
44VW Touran1400.6%584730.6%4244
45Kia Rio1330.6%235080.6%3838
46Hyundai ix351330.6%454180.5%5552
47Citroen C41300.5%514200.5%5440
48BMW X31300.5%594160.5%5742
49Fiat 5001270.5%n/a3030.4%7288
50Suzuki Swift1250.5%504180.5%5657
51Audi A51250.5%n/a4010.5%5949


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