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World: 25,000 sales targeted for Alpine revival

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While Renault has nailed the low-cost formula with Dacia, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit (Nissan with Datsun and potentially Fiat with Autobianchi), on the other end of the scale, the French manufacturer is also working on ressucitating the Alpine brand, with a relaunch scheduled for 2016, over 20 years after the last Alpine rolled off the production line.

According to Australian website, the new model won’t be the same ‘monster’ as the A110-50 concept that was previewed at Monaco last year (pictured above). Instead, the new Alpine will be a true recreation of the core DNA of great models past, albeit with some ‘modern values’. The project is a joint venture between Renault and Caterham and will see two very different bodies share mutual underpinnings, but the details, so far, are a closely guarded secret.

Former Renault Sport boss and current CEO of Alpine, Bernard Ollivier says “The new challenge is quite exciting – to re-launch the Alpine brand in a joint-venture with Alpine and Caterham – my challenge is to design two cars; [fortunately] the brands are not so different. Our objective is not to go very fast, it’s [about] pleasure in the bends.” Mr Ollivier said that unlike Porsche the priority for his car is ‘not on expense’ and that in Europe he envisages a price tag of ‘somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 Euros’.

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