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Singapore April 2013: Photo Report

Singapore April 2013aHonda Stream and Toyota Alphard in Singapore, April 2013.

On my way to the Manila Auto Show I had the luck to do a quick stopover in Singapore and as you can expect my eyes were locked on the streets… It’s always a exhilarating feeling to see the sales rankings I publish every month being brought to life in front of my eyes every time I travel. So yes I can confirm that the majority of new cars on Singaporean streets are luxury German models, however my time here was too short to really be able to guess which of these models is the best-seller in the country.

Singapore April 2013fMercedes E-Class in Singapore, April 2013

The only thing I can say is that I wouldn’t bet on the ‘obvious’ choice the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class as these last two models, although very popular, were only at most as numerous in the streets of Singapore than their larger, more expensive counterparts, namely the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series and Mercedes E-Class. If I had to absolutely give you an answer I would go for the Mercedes E-Class as the best-seller in Singapore in 2012.

Singapore April 2013eNot one but two Hyundai Sonata Taxi in Singapore, April 2013.

This stopover also enabled me to make a few additional observations. The traditional Toyota Crown taxis (still very popular in Hong Kong) that I got used to see everywhere each time I came to Singapore have all but disappeared from the streets of the country, replaced by a stream of previous gen Hyundai Sonata – not very relevant for our 2013 sales but striking enough to report here.

Singapore April 2013bHonda Crossroad in Singapore, April 2013

Among other interesting picks I saw quite a lot of Toyota Alphard and Honda Stream (as pictured in the main photo in this article), a VW Scirocco, many Lexus and Porsche models, and even one car that I actually had forgotten even existed: the Honda Crossroad. I even had to read its name on the back of it… Yes, there are still cars I can’t recognise straight away in the streets. Who would have thought? 🙂

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More photos below.

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