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Malaysia Full Year 2012: Record year – now with brands ranking

The Perodua MyVi is likely to have kept the title of best-selling car in Malaysia in 2012

* See the Top 46 All-brands ranking by clicking on the title! Thanks Aero for the tip *

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) figures show that new car sales in the country are up 5% year-on-year in 2012 to a record 627,753 registrations, beating the previous best of 605,156 units established in 2010. Since last June though, there is no market report for Malaysia on BestSellingCarsBlog because the MAA refuses to share any detailed data, and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. There is however a complete brands ranking available on Motor Trader Malaysia and I have updated this post to take into account their evolution compared to 2011. Perodua behaves like the market: up 5% to 189,137 sales which means it brilliantly remains above 30% market share.

Proton went from 26.4% market share in 2011 to 22.5% in 2012.

Proton reversely dropped by 11% to 141,121 units and 22.5% share vs. 26.4% in 2011. Toyota is the best-selling foreign brand once again this year thanks to 105,121 sales, up an excellent 21% year-on-year, while Nissan (+12%) passes Honda (+8%) even though both brands have had a very dynamic year. The most impressive progression in the Top 10 is without contest delivered by Volkswagen, up a whopping 77% and 4 spots on 2011 to land in 6th position at 13,003 units and 2.1% share.

VW Polo Malaysia 2012Volkswagen sales are up 77% in Malaysia in 2012.

Further down, notice BMW up 26% to #15, Kia up 151% to #18, Chevrolet up 59% to #20, Audi up 53% to #24 and Land Rover up 192% to #26. If Chery is down a worrying 45% year-on-year to #21, a plethora of Chinese manufacturers have landed in Malaysia this year, albeit still with very small sales figures: among them, Great Wall ranks #35, JAC #37, ChangAn #39, Grand Tiger #42 and BAW #45.

If you have access to a 2012 models ranking for Malaysia please make sure you get in touch by commenting on here or filling up the contact form – thank you!

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Full Year 2012 Top 46 All-brands Ranking Table below.

Malaysia Full Year 2012 – brands:

19Mitsubishi Fuso2,1800.3%38%1,5830.3%22
26Land Rover6430.1%192%2200.0%33
31Sinotruk2850.0%new00.0% –
32CAMC2530.0%new00.0% –
35Great Wall1730.0%new00.0% –
37JAC1340.0%new00.0% –
38Hicom Perkasa1290.0%-92%1,5180.3%23
39ChangAn1000.0%new00.0% –
42Grand Tiger510.0%new00.0% –
43Auman510.0%new00.0% –
44Bei Ben330.0%new00.0% –
45BAW270.0%new00.0% –

Source: (1), (2),, many thanks to Aero for the tip

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  1. @Filip Gustav SYVERTSEN
    As of January 2013, Citroën is distributed by Naza Malaysia. The company also distributes other European cars, so the sales figures are not accurate, needless to say. I rarely see many Citroëns in Malaysia, Peugeot cars are more popular. Peugeot cars are assembled in Malaysia, so they qualify for tax exemptions. That’s why they’re selling well here. Our government sucks man, they love to burden us with taxes. -__- Malaysia is a nice country… it’s just our government which stinks.

    You’re welcomed Miguel. I agree, I wish there were more Alfas over here too. Sorry for the late reply though.

    You’re welcomed. The Prevé is one of the newer Proton cars, and it shows in terms of design, safety and ergonomics. Still, it’s not nearly as good as a Kia or Hyundai let alone a Toyota or Honda, but if it is priced right and cheap, I can’t see why it wouldn’t sell well. It’s already extremely popular in Malaysia and sales have just commenced in Australia and Thailand. Anyway, I didn’t know Humberside ordered more Impians, they’ve ceased production in 2011. Very strange. haha Sorry for the late reply btw.

    Not all of them are bad. Some are well above average, both on paper and in the flesh. I am speaking from experience, but I don’t know whether you are or not. Give Malaysian cars a chance. Don’t let one or two bad apples spoil the whole basket.

  2. Love your website! Just a little remark/question: I don’t see sales of CITROËN in Malaysia (or are they put together with the sales of Peugeot?). According my information of the (former) main dealer (Brooklands) they’ve sold about 225 cars last year.

  3. @Aero

    Thank you for the info. The Preve looks like a nice car and will hopefully get them back on their feet. Strangely, even though the Impian was discontinued here a couple of years back, the Humberside Police specially ordered 70 of them as panda cars last year.

  4. @Aero
    Thank´s a lot Aero! I rememeber the Alfa Giulia beeing police cars in Malasya in the mid/end 70´s and I also know that the Alfasud was assembled there.
    Pity to see so few alfas there nowadays.

  5. @ducu

    Citroën cars are rare in Malaysia. I’ve not seen a new one on the roads in a long time, only old ones. Citroën cars are distributed by Naza in Malaysia.


    It is quite sad really, but Proton doesn’t want to give up yet. They’re launching the new Prevé sedan and Exora MPV in the UK this year. No word on the rest of Europe yet.

  6. Are Proton going to pull out of Europe, as sales seem to have died here in UK – from 20,000 plus per year in the late 80’s, early 90’s, to just 206 in 2012.

  7. @Miguel

    Hi Miguel,

    There are very few sales of Alfa Romeo cars in Malaysia nowadays. I don’t see many of them on the roads. Alfa Romeo cars are distributed under Naza in Malaysia. Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and other exotic Italian brands are also sold under Naza.

  8. In the 70´s/80´s Alfa Romeo had an assembly plant in Malasya and sold their models in large numbers. Giulia, Alfasud and Alfetta were assembled there. The Giulia was for a long time police car in Malasya. Where´s Alfa romeo sales there?? Not a single one?

  9. Researcher said that the market will be down by 2.9% this year. So it is back to square one again. It was also helped by increased purchase of commercial vehicles. Single cab pickups can now be registered as passenger vehicle other than a commercial vehicle, for the double cab, that was implemented several years ago.

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