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France 1-18 March 2013: VW Golf and Opel Corsa shine

VW Golf France March 2013VW Golf

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Over the first 18 days of March the French market continues to slide down at -12% year-on-year to 70,450 registrations. The prediction from Auto Plus is a worrying drop of 18% by the time the month comes to an end. Model-wise, after being passed by the Renault Clio IV in February, the Peugeot 208 is in the lead with 4,224 sales and 6% but this shouldn’t last for too long… Renault is traditionally stronger in the second half of each month and the Clio IV is only 105 units behind at 4,119 which should place it in pole position once again by end of March.

Opel Corsa France March 2013Opel Corsa

Keeping in mind Renaults are normally slow to start each month, the Renault Megane is doing extremely well and ranks third with 2,707 sales and 3.8%, up 17% year-on-year. Boosted by the 7th generation, the VW Golf is up to a fantastic 4th place at 2,020 units and 2.9%, ahead of the Peugeot 3008 brilliant at #5. The Citroen C4 is up 2% year-on-year at #7 while in spite of being down 23% the Opel Corsa is up to #9, making it 3 foreigners in the Top 9. Brand-wise, Peugeot is temporarily on top, Dacia is up 44% and Ford down 50%.

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Full 1-18 March 2013 Top 10 models and brands Ranking table below.

France 2013 03 1to18 March

France 1-18 March 2013 – models:

PosModel1-18 Mar%/12FebJan2012
1Peugeot 2084,2246.0%new212
2Renault Clio IV4,1195.8%new1226
3Renault Mégane2,7073.8%17%444
4VW Golf2,0202.9%-15%7812
5Peugeot 30081,8282.6%-2%1098
6Citroen C31,7072.4%-33%1233
7Citroen C41,6362.3%2%61010
8VW Polo1,6062.3%-30%977
9Opel Corsa1,4412.0%-23%263217
10Peugeot 3081,3992.0%-25%11127

France 1-18 March 2013 – brands:

PosBrand1-18 Mar%/12


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  1. Max :I see a lot (too much) of Golf 7 in France since the begin of the year… /P>

    France seems to be a Golf-paradise because in Germany the Golf VII still is quite rare.

  2. Bonjour Matt,

    As-tu pour la France (et/ou la Belgique), le nombre de véhicules toutes marques pour 2012:

    1)-Pour l’ensemble des immatriculations.
    2)-Pour seulement les particuliers.

    Ceci pour voir si les véhicules haut de gamme sont principalement achetés par des sociétés.
    Comme tu as fait pour l’Allemagne.

    Bien à toi

  3. … and I saw a lot (too much) of Peugeot 208 in France since the begin of the year… But a lot of them are rental cars ! I think (I wish ?) Peugeot 208’s sales will decrease and have a normal level in the next months, when people will have replaced their Peugeot 208’s by the new Golf 7… 🙂

  4. I see a lot (too much) of Golf 7 in France since the begin of the year… But a lot of them are rental cars ! I think (I wish ?) Golf’s sales will decrease and have a normal level in the next months, when rental fleets will have replaced their Golf 6 by the new model…

  5. The fall of the Citroën C3 is linked to: 1°) the strikes in soon-closing Poissy factory; 2°) marketing delays due to the facelift introduced in Geneva Motor Show. Next months would be better. The fall of the Peugeot 308 is linked to the new generation waited for the autumn… The current 308 will have some difficult coming months, as it sales fell despite of strong marketing efforts (over-equipped “Style” limited edition plus huge discount). As a facelift is also planned for the Peugeot 3008, it sales are quite impressive (only -2%). And about the Megane, Renault warned its competitors in its last advertisement :”Ich bin désolé pour la concurrence” 😀 ! But the Twingo seems to be sulking to top 10… For the same price, many traditional Renault customers prefer the old Clio III or the new Sandero.

    Concerning foreign manufacturers: 1°) Polo Match + 0% loan has been replaced by Polo Life (a bit less cheap) + 1,9% loan… and sales quickly lost some ground while it resisted quite well to 208 and Clio IV the previous months. It shows how much French market could be sensitive to retail marketing and sales promotion. 2°) Ford sinking is really worrying… -50% ! I still haven’t seen any new Fiesta in Paris streets. It used to be a foreign bestseller 🙁 .

    Btw, all your worldwide rankings of the last days were very very impressive, Matt! Great job!


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