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California (USA) Q4 2012: BMW 3 Series & Mercedes E-Class up

BMW 3 Series

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Every quarter we now have our rendezvous with Californian new car sales, being the biggest market in the USA. Over the last quarter of 2012, the Californian new car market is up a whopping 22% year-on-year to 371,403 registrations vs. 10% growth in the USA as a whole, bringing the Full Year 2012 total to 1,617,103 units, up 13% on 2011. The Toyota Prius family confirms it is now the most popular model in the State, improving its market share to 3.9% thanks to 14,308 sales. The Honda Civic follows at 13,981 units and 3.8% while the Toyota Camry jumps onto the podium at #3 with 12,362 sales and 3.3%.

Mercedes E-Class

In fact, the entire Top 7 best-sellers over Q4 2012 are identical to the Full Year 2012 ranking, but it’s below that things get interesting, with both BMW and Mercedes models making waves. The BMW 3 Series is up to a fantastic 10th spot over the period at 5,159 units and 1.4%, whereas Mercedes manages to place two models within the Californian Top 15! The C-Class is up to #12 with 5,124 sales while the E-Class is up to #14 at 5,028 units, only 135 sales away from the 9th spot…

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Full Q4 2012 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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