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Australia Full Year 2012: Now with exclusive rankings by State!

The Toyota Prado is #3 in Australia’s Northern Territory vs. #15 nationally.

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Thanks to Elise and the team at Toyota Australia, I can share with you an exclusive Top 10 models ranking by State for Australia. You will not find this anywhere else on the web! With the overall market hitting a new record in 2012 at 1,112,032 registrations, absolutely every State/Territory gains ground vs. 2011, an exceptional performance in itself. The biggest market in the country is still New South Wales (Sydney) with 341,211 sales (+8%) followed by Victoria (Melbourne) at 293,778 and +9% and Queensland (Brisbane) at 235,025 (+11%). Then we find Western Australia (Perth) at 128,005 (+17% – boosted by the mining industry), South Australia (Adelaide) at 67,999 and +8%, ACT (Canberra) at 17,435 and +11%, Tasmania at 16,981 and +1% and the Northern Territory at 11,598 and +16%.

The Mazda3 now leads Australia’s two biggest markets: New South Wales and Victoria.

Model-wise, if last year the Toyota Hilux was king in 3 States vs. 2 for the Mazda3 and Holden Commodore, in 2012 the situation is slightly different. Confirming it is the most popular vehicle in the country for the 2nd year in a row, the Mazda3 now leads in 3 different states: it stays in pole position in New South Wales and ACT but is now also #1 in the 2nd biggest market, Victoria, where it dethrones the Holden Commodore.

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux keeps the pole position in the 3 States it was dominating in 2011: doing best in Northern Territory with a huge 9.8% share, followed by Western Australia (5.4%) and Queensland (5.2%). Two additional models lead a State this year: the Holden Cruze “at home” in South Australia with 3,847 sales and 5.7% and the Toyota Corolla in Tasmania at 565 units and 3.3%.

Ayers Rock/Uluru in Australia’s Northern Territory

Northern Territory, home of Ayers Rock, deserves its own little paragraph even though it is the smallest market in the country. And the reason is the 7 best-selling vehicles there are all Toyotas! And 8 in the Top 10… In a market up 16% year-on-year, below the expected Hilux and Corolla, the Prado is up 50% to #3 vs. #15 in the national ranking, the Land Cruiser Wagon at #4 vs. #33, the Camry at #5, Yaris up 65% to #6, RAV4 up 40% to #7 vs. #19 nationally and the Land Cruiser Ute at #9 vs. #47 nationally…

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Full Year 2012 Top 10 for each Australian State and Territory below.

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