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Algeria Full Year 2012: Peugeot 207 tops record market

Peugeot 207

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The Algerian new car market is up a whopping 50% year-on-year in 2012 to hit a record 433,320 registrations. Le Soir d’Algerie goes even so far as saying that when including about 60,000 non communicated sales by Chinese carmakers and 30,000 private imports, Algeria passes South Africa to become the #1 car market in Africa with over 520,000 units – except more than 620,000 vehicles were sold in South Africa this year… It is nevertheless an outstanding performance for Algeria, which comes just as Renault announced they will be the first carmaker to build production facilities in the country in 2014.

Will the 2013 model enable the Dacia Logan to take the lead in Algeria next year?

An interesting development atop the models ranking: after at least 3 years of Renault Symbol domination, the Peugeot 207 brilliantly takes the lead, boosted by end-of-life aggressive pricing and up a huge 132% on 2011 to 35,821 sales and 8.3%. This makes Algeria the only country in the world to crown the 207, given the model was last #1 in France in 2010. The Dacia Logan is up 4 spots and an equally impressive 113% to 28,952 units and 6.7% while both the Hyundai Accent and Toyota Hilux stay put at #3 and 26,331 sales and #4 and 20,870 respectively. #1 in 2011, the Renault Symbol is down 27% and 4 ranks to #5 at 20,552 units.

Great Wall Voleex C30

Further down, both the Renault Clio Campus and VW Polo triple their sales to #6 and #8 respectively, the Seat Ibiza is the most impressive of all with sales multiplied by 5 compared to 2011 at 10,876, the Toyota Yaris is up 122%, the Chevrolet Spark up 142% and the Peugeot 308 up 122%. Notice also the Dacia Duster up 99%, the Great Wall Voleex C30 at 3,871 units and the Great Wall Wingle at 1,720.

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Full Year 2012 Top 17 models and Top 15 brands + December Top 5 Ranking Tables below.

Algeria December 2012 – models:

1Peugeot 2073,50335,8218.3%15
2Hyundai Atos1,56410,2292.4%112
3Kia Picanto1,3039,2862.1%127
4Dacia Logan1,26428,9526.7%26
5Toyota Hilux90320,8704.8%44

Algeria December 2012 – brands:


Algeria Full Year 2012 – models:

1Peugeot 20735,8218.3%132%15,4455.3%5
2Dacia Logan28,9526.7%113%13,5674.7%6
3Hyundai Accent26,3316.1%42%18,5966.4%3
4Toyota Hilux20,8704.8%18%17,6866.1%4
5Renault Symbol20,5524.7%-27%28,1719.7%1
6Renault Clio Campus15,5863.6%211%5,0081.7%12
7Chevrolet Sail13,8503.2%73%8,0272.8%9
8VW Polo11,5922.7%190%3,9971.4%14
9Renault Clio III10,8972.5%21%8,9763.1%8
10Seat Ibiza10,8762.5%400%2,1750.8%n/a
11Hyundai Atos10,2292.4%-48%19,5316.7%2
12Kia Picanto9,2862.1%1%9,2123.2%7
13Toyota Yaris9,1642.1%122%4,1281.4%13
14Suzuki M8008,8302.0%29%6,8652.4%10
15Chevrolet Spark8,5882.0%142%3,5491.2%15
16Peugeot 3087,8191.8%122%3,5221.2%16
17Suzuki Alto7,5631.7%n/an/an/an/a
Chevrolet Aveo5,2281.2%-18%6,3762.2%11
Dacia Duster4,8421.1%99%2,4330.8%n/a
Nissan D24,2741.0%n/an/an/an/a
Great Wall Voleex C303,8710.9%n/an/an/an/a
Hyundai Tucson3,4050.8%67%2,0390.7%n/a
VW Tiguan2,0330.5%66%1,2250.4%n/a
Great Wall Wingle1,7200.4%n/an/an/an/a

Algeria Full Year 2012 – brands:

12Great Wall9,3072.1%n/an/an/an/a

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  1. it`s all market including used car market. Look at the data given by ONZ.DZ the total number of new cars is 125 454 units and these figures are much higher. Seat sales is only 1 326 units and Kia only 97 units and you give all market. look for the , used car market is much higher than the new one. indicated website they give the market broken by year of registration.

  2. Hi,

    interesting numbers on Algeria. Is this covering the entire (new) car market? I read somewhere there were about 1 million vehicles imported in Algeria through the parallel car market. Any comments on that?



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