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Japan Kei cars November 2012: Honda N-One already close to 10,000 sales!

Honda N-One

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Another solid month for Kei cars sales: while regular vehicles are down 3% year-on-year in November, Kei cars are up 5% to 149,968 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,855,373 units, up a mammoth 33% on 2011. This comes at a time when the very existence of Kei cars could be in jeopardy: the Japanese government is now thinking of charging the same tax for regular cars and mini vehicles alike, which would likely mean the demise of this very unique category of cars.

Honda N-One

Honda is the main fuel of this year-on-year growth, placing the NBOX in pole position again and for the 7th time in the last 8 months with 16,406 sales, adding up to a magnificent 197,509 units year-to-date, however still #2 below the Daihatsu Mira, #2 this month, at 204,652, up 100% on 2011. The Suzuki Wagon R is back down to #3 with 14,368 sales (-3%) ahead of the Daihatsu Tanto at 12,332 (+49%) but the best performer of the month is the Honda N-One directly up to #5 for its first full month of sales with 9,674 units! No wonder, it’s potentially the cutest Kei car…ever!

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Full November 2012 Top 25 Ranking Table below.

Japan November 2012 – kei cars:

1Honda NBOX16,406new1197,509new231
2Daihatsu Mira14,764-26%3204,652100%14
3Suzuki WagonR14,368-3%2183,27725%31
4Daihatsu Tanto12,33249%4160,66534%43
5Honda N ONE9,674newn/a9,687new19 –
6Daihatsu Move8,421-26%5136,6704%52
7Suzuki Alto6,417-11%6106,06639%65
8Nissan Moco4,258-24%762,89511%77
9Nissan Roox3,051-29%946,3420%99
10Suzuki Palette2,845-44%857,55213%88
11Toyota Pixis Space2,2399%1130,549641%1228
12Mitsubishi eK2,028-13%1425,704-14%1310
13Suzuki MR Wagon1,799-16%1236,56536%1111
14Suzuki Every Wagon1,488-6%1320,0587%1614
15Subaru Stella1,368-35%1820,712-9%1512
16Honda Life1,350-72%1042,675-33%106
17Suzuki Jimny1,3045%1513,18510%1717
18Mazda Flair1,193new172,059newn/a –
19Honda Vamos69563%207,331-23%2320
20Mazda AZ Wagon688-55%1620,9752%1413
21Mazda Flair Wagon574new213,723newn/a –
22Mazda Carol569-36%239,8205%1819
23Daihatsu Atrai521-42%199,572-9%2018
24Nissan Otti426-42%226,947-3%2423
25Mitsubishi Pajero Mini317-50%248,1195%2121


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