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Australia October 2012: Mitsubishi Outlander at all-time high

The 2013 model is not responsible for the Outlander’s record October…

* See the evolution of Mitsubishi Outlander’s sales in Australia by clicking on the title! *

Today Caitlin Beale, Manager of Corporate Communications at Mitsubishi Australia, kindly confirmed to me that the Mitsubishi Outlander did deliver its strongest ranking, sales volume and market share by far in October in Australia at #13 with 1,653 sales and 1.6%. But more interestingly, Caitlin also confirmed that this score was solely delivered by the previous generation’s runout program, with the new gen Outlander not going on sale before last Sunday 18 November.

…the runout program on the previous generation is.

This is particularly remarkable as runout programs typically deliver strong results but very rarely record ones, and this month the Outlander smashed 10 years of regularly solid performances in the country… In fact, October is only the second time it ever sells over 1,000 monthly units, its previous best being 1,018 in June 2010 (improved by 50%). Previous best market share was 1% (+60%) and ranking was #31 (more than halved). You can follow the evolution of the Outlander’s career since 2003 in Australia below the jump and check out Mitsubishi’s 4WD range.

Mitsubishi Mirage on the Oodnadatta track, South Australia June 2003. (Yes I drove it there!)

2013 Mitsubishi Mirage

Another nameplate about to be revived by Mitsubishi in Australia is the Mirage, on sale here in January 2013. The last generation Mirage was launched in 1995, peaked at #17 with 9,441 sales and 1.3% in 1997, although it reached a higher volume but lower ranking and share in 1998 at 9,554, and last appeared in the Australian Top 50 best-sellers in 2003 at #34 with 6,661 sales.

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You can follow the evolution of the Outlander sales in Australia since 2003 below.

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