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Australia: Infiniti tells you how many ‘German luxury cars’ live in your suburb…aims at Top 20 ranking by 2015

The Infiniti FX is predicted to be the brand’s best-seller in Australia

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After Opel (see my article on the launch of Opel in Australia here), it’s now Infiniti’s turn to launch in Australia with an advertising campaign openly targeting luxury brands Mercedes, BMW and Audi. And why would this deserve to feature on BSCB I hear you ask? Because Infiniti’s campaign, launched today, enables you to find out the number of German luxury cars currently in circulation in your own suburb… What if one day some brands used BSCB sales data in their campaign? 🙂

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Using data from the 2011 Australian Motor Vehicle Census, the online reskin of major news website The Sydney Morning Herald prompts viewers to type in the suburb they live in and displays the number of Mercedes, BMW and Audis in circulation in that specific suburb…to then establish Infiniti as “The new choice in performance luxury”.

Infiniti M

Infiniti Australia General Manager Kevin Snell says the brand’s long-term ambition is to overtake Lexus in Australia as the No.1 alternative to German brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz…This means Infiniti aims at selling over 7,000 cars annually by 2015, unlocking a spot in the Top 20 most popular brands in Australia by then…

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