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Norway June 2012: Ford Focus leads, BMW X3 #11

Ford Focus

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 50 best-selling models! Click on title to see – Thanks Øystein*

The Norwegian car market is back into positive in June, up 7% year-on-year to 11,053 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 69,355 units, up 1% on 2011. Big event atop the models ranking: after ranking #2 for 7 of the last 10 months, the Ford Focus finally manages to snap the pole position away from the VW Golf in June with 516 sales and 4.7% market share, a full 1.3 percentage point and 139 units above the Golf. The Focus is now #2 year-to-date with 2,288 sales and 3.3% vs. 3,075 and 4.4% for the Golf.


The VW Passat rounds up the podium like last month at 349 units and 3.2%, followed by the Toyota Avensis, VW Tiguan and Volvo V70. Already extremely strong in May at #13, the BMW X3 improves further in June to reach a brilliant 11th place with 224 sales and 2% share, making Norway the X3’s best performing country in the world by far. Other stars this month in Norway are the Mazda CX-5 up to a fantastic 14th place with 204 units and 1.8%, the Subaru XV at #15, the Kia Sportage at #17 and the Peugeot 208 at #26.

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Full June 2012 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

Norway June 2012:

1Ford Focus5164.7%22,2883.3%23
2VW Golf3773.4%13,0754.4%11
3VW Passat3493.2%32,0483.0%52
4Toyota Avensis3333.0%42,1693.1%36
5VW Tiguan3112.8%72,0653.0%413
6Volvo V703052.8%51,9602.8%65
7Skoda Octavia2742.5%141,3772.0%108
8Nissan Qashqai2272.1%91,5332.2%87
9Ford Mondeo2262.0%171,2131.7%129
10Volvo V602242.0%101,2751.8%1112
11BMW X32242.0%131,2011.7%1435
12Toyota Yaris2131.9%111,8162.6%718
13Toyota Auris2081.9%81,3812.0%910
14Mazda CX-52041.8%n/a4330.6%54 –
15Subaru XV1821.6%n/a8771.3%23n/a
16Mitsubishi ASX1761.6%121,2111.7%134
17Kia Sportage1641.5%n/a9371.4%2150
18Volvo XC601571.4%209711.4%1916
19Peugeot 5081561.4%159701.4%2017
20Toyota Prius1441.3%n/a7731.1%2631
21Audi A41431.3%n/a8901.3%2214
22Ford S-Max1401.3%n/a6611.0%3242
23Volvo V501381.2%61,1771.7%1515
24Nissan Leaf1381.2%161,0331.5%1688
25BMW 1 Series1331.2%n/a6841.0%2754
26Peugeot 2081331.2%n/a3240.5%66 –
27Hyundai i301321.2%n/a8491.2%2458
28Skoda Superb1271.1%n/a5780.8%3929
29Toyota RAV41251.1%181,0111.5%1725
30Hyundai ix351251.1%n/a5990.9%3828
31Mercedes C Class1231.1%n/a6771.0%2827
32Hyundai i401191.1%n/a6500.9%3453
33VW Polo1101.0%199991.4%1811
34BMW 3 Series1020.9%n/a6591.0%3349
35Skoda Yeti980.9%n/a5570.8%4237
36Renault Megane960.9%n/a3170.5%6861
37Ford Fiesta950.9%n/a6701.0%2922
38Suzuki Swift920.8%n/a6671.0%3126
39Audi Q5910.8%n/a6240.9%3638
40Audi A1890.8%n/a5420.8%4641
41Mitsubishi Outlander880.8%n/a5490.8%4524
42Peugeot 3008840.8%n/a5390.8%4820
43Toyota Verso-S840.8%n/a5540.8%4466
44VW Touran800.7%n/a5630.8%4023
45Audi A3780.7%n/a7801.1%2521
46Audi A6760.7%n/a6060.9%3769
47BMW 5 Series760.7%n/a6691.0%3033
48Kia Cee’d760.7%n/a3190.5%6757
49Citroen C-Zero710.6%n/a1800.3%92n/a
50Honda CR-V700.6%n/a3170.5%6955

Source:,, many thanks to Øystein for the tip!

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