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Sweden April 2012: Peugeot 508 in Top 10 for the first time

Peugeot 508

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As usual the first cab off the rank for monthly updates is Sweden and the news are not good: down 19% year-on-year to 23,336 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 91,312 units, down 7%. The top of the ranking is extraordinarily stable: the Top 5 best-selling models are unchanged since January and naturally come in the same order in the 2012 year-to-date ranking!

The Volvo V70 leads the way with 1,744 sales and 7.5% share, taking its distance on the VW Passat, #2 at 1,332 units and 5.7% while the Volvo V60 rounds up the podium with 975 sales and 4.2%. The VW Golf and Volvo V50 follow at 3.5% and 2.7% respectively. The Kia Cee’d is up 3 spots on March to its traditional 6th place with 559 units and 2.4%, it is also #6 year-to-date in 2012 and was #6 over the Full Year 2011…

The Volvo XC60 is up 10 ranks to #7, the Renault Master has a freak month at #8 with 491 sales (but this may be LCV sales inadvertently accounted for here) while the Peugeot 508 breaks into the monthly Swedish Top 10 for the first time at #10 with 429 units and 1.8%. Other great performers this month include the Peugeot 308 up 14 spots on last month to #15, the Kia Rio up 10 ranks to #31 and the Honda Civic up to #36.

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Full April 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Sweden April 2012:

1Volvo V701,7447.5%17,1627.8%11
2VW Passat1,3325.7%26,1536.7%22
3Volvo V609754.2%34,0144.4%34
4VW Golf8113.5%43,3563.7%43
5Volvo V506392.7%52,6682.9%55
6Kia Cee’d5592.4%91,9652.2%66
7Volvo XC605322.3%171,7962.0%88
8Renault Master4912.1%n/a5220.6%45229
9Ford Focus4852.1%181,8362.0%710
10Peugeot 5084291.8%141,3011.4%1641
11Renault Clio4061.7%251,5421.7%1012
12BMW 3-Serie3791.6%101,5211.7%1115
13BMW 5-Serie3661.6%151,4521.6%1411
14Audi A63511.5%111,4701.6%1319
15Peugeot 3083481.5%291,0861.2%2436
16Hyundai i303431.5%169621.1%2625
17Ford Fiesta3401.5%367870.9%3332
18VW Polo3291.4%378650.9%2814
19Audi A43271.4%71,4991.6%127
20Toyota Yaris3141.3%241,2571.4%1924
21Nissan Qashqai3061.3%131,3571.5%1520
22VW Tiguan2781.2%211,1611.3%2033
23Mercedes C Class2751.2%191,1611.3%2117
24Toyota Avensis2731.2%221,2881.4%1826
25Skoda Octavia2681.1%231,1601.3%2216
26Skoda Fabia2611.1%81,2951.4%1713
27BMW 1-Serie2511.1%448070.9%2940
28Kia Sportage2501.1%201,1171.2%2327
29Mercedes E Class2371.0%317930.9%3123
30Renault Megane2301.0%61,6401.8%99
31Kia Rio2271.0%416140.7%41105
32Audi A32040.9%386860.8%3531
33BMW X32040.9%395760.6%4352
34Opel Astra1990.9%347390.8%3421
35Toyota Auris1960.8%269761.1%2518
36Honda Civic1850.8%n/a4310.5%58n/a
37Hyundai i401840.8%288771.0%2776
38Seat Ibiza1800.8%n/a3440.4%6850
39Subaru Legacy1760.8%307930.9%3238
40Skoda Superb1540.7%406740.7%3634
41Citroen C41520.7%336340.7%3835
42VW Touran1480.6%435750.6%4442
43Audi Q51420.6%356070.7%4246
44Ford Mondeo1420.6%485130.6%4630
45Hyundai i201350.6%127950.9%3037
46Citroen C31290.6%n/a4910.5%4849
47Toyota Aygo1290.6%474480.5%5454
48Opel Insignia1290.6%n/a4170.5%6062
49Skoda Yeti1280.5%466440.7%3748
50Mitsubishi ASX1280.5%n/a4610.5%4951


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