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Ireland April 2012: VW Golf in the lead, Hyundai i40 #7

Hyundai i40

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Typically peaking at the start of the year, the Irish new car market typically slows down as the months go by and 2012 is no different, with April down 49% on March but more worryingly also down 22% year-on-year at 6,691 registrations. The year-to-date total stands at 52,260 units, down 7% on 2011. For the first time since last August, the VW Golf takes the lead of the models ranking thanks to 334 sales and a solid 5% share. It however stays #3 year-to-date behind the Ford Focus, down to #12 this month, and the Nissan Qashqai, #1 in March but now #15.

After leading the market in February and falling down to #12 last month, the Toyota Avensis is back up to #2 in April at 258 units and 3.9% and is followed by the Toyota Auris, up 10 spots on March and at its best in over a year and a half. Below the VW Passat, Renault Fluence and Nissan Micra, steady at strong levels, the Hyundai i40 ranks #7, up a huge 22 ranks on last month and simply its 2nd highest position anywhere in the world behind the 5th spot it reached in Norway last August.

Other great performers this month include the Hyundai ix35 up 12 spots to break into the Irish Top 10 for the very first time at #10 with 168 sales and 2.5%, the Audi A1 up a massive 54 ranks to #18 at 110 units and 1.6%, the Honda Civic up 16 spots to #23 and the Mitsubishi Pajero making a remarkable incursion in the Top 50 after selling no unit in March.

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Full April 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Ireland April 2012:

1VW Golf3345.0%22,2534.3%32
2Toyota Avensis2583.9%122,1074.0%43
3Toyota Auris2323.5%131,2652.4%1013
4VW Passat2143.2%41,6463.1%54
5Renault Fluence2113.2%61,3302.5%95
6Nissan Micra2033.0%81,0212.0%1718
7Hyundai i401852.8%297791.5%2199
8Skoda Octavia1832.7%51,5783.0%712
9Toyota Yaris1692.5%181,6133.1%610
10Hyundai ix351682.5%229981.9%1821
11Ford Focus1622.4%32,4304.6%11
12Renault Megane1562.3%91,1422.2%129
13Opel Astra1432.1%71,0852.1%1616
14Toyota Corolla1312.0%171,2122.3%118
15Nissan Qashqai1271.9%12,3794.6%27
16VW Polo1271.9%231,1012.1%1415
17Ford Fiesta1191.8%141,3312.5%86
18Audi A11101.6%721980.4%5848
19BMW 5-Series1091.6%161,0912.1%1517
20Renault Clio1071.6%191,1072.1%1311
21Audi A41061.6%315491.1%3023
22Opel Insignia1021.5%159631.8%1914
23Honda Civic971.4%393190.6%3345
24Seat Ibiza951.4%255211.0%3125
25Audi A6921.4%336351.2%2735
26Hyundai ix20901.3%514270.8%3442
27Kia Sportage881.3%217411.4%2437
28BMW 3-Series841.3%303010.6%4536
29Hyundai i30831.2%273700.7%3932
30Opel Corsa811.2%119211.8%2019
31Skoda Superb801.2%247141.4%2527
32Nissan Juke731.1%107581.5%2322
33Peugeot 207731.1%473230.6%4333
34Mercedes E Class701.0%286581.3%2624
35Ford Mondeo691.0%207741.5%2220
36Renault Scenic671.0%612610.5%5143
37VW Tiguan550.8%353790.7%3751
38Mercedes C Class540.8%453610.7%4039
39VW Jetta510.8%325891.1%2841
40Kia Rio500.7%344540.9%3230
41Peugeot 308500.7%503300.6%4238
42Skoda Fabia490.7%265891.1%2926
43Kia Cee’d430.6%414020.8%3631
44Audi A3430.6%592420.5%5346
45Peugeot 3008420.6%672340.4%5534
46Peugeot 508400.6%384380.8%3353
47Skoda Yeti390.6%443480.7%4144
49Hyundai i20330.5%572740.5%4840
50Mitsubishi Pajero320.5% –370.1%127134


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  1. Thing about somewhere like Ireland is that a single fleet order can skew the numbers, which may explain some of the sudden big jumps of blandmobiles like the Auris and Avensis. (I’m assuming that Ireland actually still has any economic activity that may result in fleet sales).

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