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Ukraine: Full Year 2011 Top 225 Ranking now available!

1962 ZAZ 965

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Thanks to Igor I am now able to share with you a 2012 year-to-date ranking for Ukraine, January 2012 positions and a Top 225 models ranking for the Full Year 2011!

49 years after the launch of the very first ZAZ, the 965, the ZAZ Lanos manages to become the best-selling model in Ukraine for the sixth consecutive year with 10,490 sales, up 11% on 2010. Two Ladas complete the podium: the Samara at 9,537 units and the Priora with 6,610 units.

But this may change in 2012 with the ZAZ Sens taking the lead in January with 483 sales and 3.6%, replaced by the Skoda Octavia in February at 558 units and 4.1% share, making the Octavia the new 2012 year-to-date leader with 896 sales and 3.3%. The ZAZ Lanos is kicked down to 2nd place at 805 units and 2.9%, followed by the VW Polo with 737 sales and 2.7%. Notice also the Geely CK within the Top 10 in February!

Full Year 2011 Top 225, January 2012 Top 185 and 2 months 2012 Top 200 Ranking Tables below.

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