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Poland January 2012: Chevrolet Aveo up to #8

Chevrolet Aveo

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Excellent start of the year for the Polish car market, up 22% year-on-year to 27,165 registrations. The Top 4 is unchanged on December with the Skoda Octavia in the lead at 1,612 sales and 5.9%, the Skoda Fabia at #2 with 1,051 units and 3.9%, the Opel Astra at #3 and 3.5% and the Toyota Yaris at #4 and 2.8%.

A few models perform very strongly this month: the Opel Corsa is up 5 spots to #5 and 2.6%, the Nissan Qashqai up 4 ranks to #7, the Chevrolet Aveo up a massive 17 spots to #8 with 593 sales and 2.2%, the Hyundai ix35 up 16 ranks to #15, the VW Polo up 36 spots to #16, the Chevrolet Spark also up 36 ranks to #27 and the Hyundai ix20 up 29 spots to #32.

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Full January 2012 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Poland January 2012:

1Skoda Octavia1,6125.9%116,0425.0%1
2Skoda Fabia1,0513.9%211,2583.5%2
3Opel Astra9423.5%311,1483.5%3
4Toyota Yaris7482.8%46,9132.2%6
5Opel Corsa7052.6%105,4111.7%11
6Fiat Punto6822.5%86,4812.0%7
7Nissan Qashqai6762.5%116,3552.0%8
8Chevrolet Aveo5932.2%253,6801.2%22
9Fiat Panda5402.0%96,9772.2%5
10Ford Focus5332.0%59,2802.9%4
11Ford Fiesta5151.9%65,7651.8%10
12VW Golf4711.7%135,9981.9%9
13Fiat Ducato4141.5%74,3221.4%16
14Toyota Auris3871.4%223,3841.1%23
15Hyundai ix353781.4%312,7530.9%32
16VW Polo3771.4%522,6550.8%36
17Hyundai i303741.4%124,5271.4%14
18Toyota Avensis3571.3%213,6901.2%21
19Opel Insignia3451.3%154,2771.3%18
20Ford Mondeo3371.2%164,0961.3%19
21Renault Megane3161.2%174,5271.4%15
22Renault Clio3021.1%344,6471.5%13
23Peugeot Partner2761.0%183,3811.1%24
24Citroen Berlingo2731.0%274,3081.3%17
25VW Passat2721.0%234,8071.5%12
26Nissan Juke2721.0%202,7620.9%31
27Chevrolet Spark2570.9%631,3570.4%70
28Dacia Duster2530.9%293,0491.0%28
29Kia Sportage2440.9%283,9781.2%20
30Hyundai i202420.9%192,9380.9%30
31Suzuki SX42400.9%421,9640.6%48
32Hyundai ix202340.9%611,4850.5%62
33Mitsubishi ASX2300.8%362,1320.7%44
34Kia Cee’d2260.8%353,1051.0%26
35Renault Master2230.8%143,2801.0%25
36Citroen C42230.8%472,0990.7%46
37Skoda Roomster2230.8%381,8730.6%51
38Peugeot Boxer2210.8%262,7170.8%33
39VW Caddy2160.8%322,6780.8%34
40Chevrolet Cruze2140.8%391,2970.4%73
41Skoda Yeti2060.8%601,5750.5%58
42Dacia Logan2050.8%591,4540.5%64
43Toyota Corolla2030.7%371,8810.6%50
44Kia Venga2010.7%583,0671.0%27
45Ford Transit2010.7%243,0350.9%29
46Toyota RAV41950.7%501,5620.5%59
47Nissan Micra1900.7%482,6320.8%37
48Citroen C31750.6%562,0970.7%47
49Toyota Corolla Verso1710.6%769200.3%92
50Peugeot 30081700.6%671,4350.4%65
51Hyundai i101650.6%431,8260.6%53
52Peugeot 3081630.6%512,2700.7%41
53Skoda Superb1590.6%412,3560.7%39
54Honda CR-V1510.6%571,5070.5%61
55Mercedes Sprinter1500.6%302,3650.7%38
56Fiat Doblo1490.5%331,9550.6%49
57Peugeot 5081450.5%451,5390.5%60
58Kia Rio1450.5%962640.1%n/a
59Chevrolet Orlando1420.5%846500.2%112
60Fiat Bravo1400.5%542,1470.7%43
61Renault Scenic1380.5%861,0900.3%81
62Suzuki Swift1300.5%662,2480.7%42
63Kia Picanto1240.5%851,1480.4%79
64Honda Civic1200.4%532,6660.8%35
65Fiat Fiorino1190.4%491,6460.5%56
66Mitsubishi Colt1160.4%1151,0090.3%86
67Nissan Note1120.4%771,3780.4%68
68Mitsubishi Lancer1100.4%621,7470.5%55
69VW Tiguan1090.4%551,2710.4%74
70Citroen C4 Picasso1070.4%1101,2460.4%75
71Dacia Sandero1070.4%1041,0010.3%87
72Alfa Romeo Giulietta1040.4%749270.3%91
73Citroen Jumper990.4%692,3310.7%40
74VW Jetta980.4%1001,4270.4%67
75Honda Jazz980.4%901,1790.4%76
76Iveco Daily960.4%402,1010.7%45
77Volvo XC60930.3%711,6130.5%57
79Citroen C1870.3%956140.2%116
80Renault Fluence860.3%831,4310.4%66
81Fiat Sedici860.3%998580.3%97
82Renault Laguna850.3%651,4590.5%63
83Suzuki Grand Vitara850.3%791,0770.3%82
84Mitsubishi Outlander810.3%811,1220.4%80
85VW Transporter800.3%681,3640.4%69
86BMW X3800.3%751,1620.4%78
87Ford C-Max800.3%891,0530.3%84
88Citroen C5770.3%881,0710.3%83
89Renault Thalia770.3%979720.3%88
90Fiat 500740.3%709710.3%89
91Peugeot 207730.3%1071,8650.6%52
92Renault Kangoo690.3%461,7670.6%54
93Renault Trafic690.3%641,3040.4%72
94Ford Kuga680.3%1088830.3%95
95Peugeot 5008670.2%1228410.3%99
96Toyota Hilux670.2%915690.2%120
97Kia Soul650.2%1218480.3%98
98Audi A4640.2%1137560.2%105
99BMW 5 Series630.2%731,3430.4%71
100Chevrolet Captiva630.2%806440.2%113


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  1. Miguel :@Tengil … no, this mean I do not have comments to persons like you!!!!!!!! That´s all! Keep well.

    aha, I unterstand, but … why are you answering then to me ? Seems not to be very logical, my friend 🙂

  2. FIAT group

    I 2012 (I 2011)

    Market 27165 (22323) +22%
    Fiat 2311 (2277)
    Alfa Romeo 138 (85)
    Iveco 96 (85)
    Jeep 81 (25)
    Lancia 61 (19)

    by model, I 2012:

    Fiat Punto 682
    Fiat Panda 540
    Fiat Ducato 414
    Fiat Doblo 149
    Fiat Bravo 140
    Fiat Fiorino+Qubo 119
    Alfa Giulietta 104
    Iveco Daily 96
    Fiat Sedici 86
    Fiat 500 74
    Fiat Linea 48
    Fiat Scudo 41
    Jeep Compass 40
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 29
    Alfa MiTo 24
    Lancia Ypsilon 23
    Lancia Delta 20
    Fiat Freemont 18
    Lancia Thema 11
    Alfa 159 10
    Jeep Wrangler 9
    Lancia Voyager 6
    Lancia Musa 1

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  4. @Miguel
    maybe or maybe not, but what can be considered verified is, that you make yourself more an more ridiculous with your well known data trickery in this blog 🙂

    by the way, i don’t drive a vw 🙂 🙂

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