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United Arab Emirates 2011: Corolla snatches last minute win

Toyota Corolla

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Emirati consumers purchased 21,197 new vehicles in December for a 2011 final total of 243,582 units. After Oman, the United Arab Emirates is the second country in the region where the Toyota Hilux saw its leadership slip between its wheels in the last month of the year: #1 YTD at end Nov and ranking first 6 times this year, December sales disrupted by the Thai floods kicked the Hilux down 2nd place in the Full Year with 11,416 sales and 4.7%. The Toyota Corolla, #1 four times this year, is the best-selling model in the UAE with 12,288 units and 5% share.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The iconic Land Cruiser takes the third spot with 11,011 sales and 4.5%, ahead of the Toyota Camry at 3.8% and Toyota Prado at 3.7%. The Nissan Tiida is the best-selling non-Toyota model in the UAE at #6 with 7,380 sales and 3%, only 20 units above the Mitsubishi Pajero reaching in the UAE its best ranking in the region. Mitsubishi is fairly strong in the Emirates, placing the L200 Pick-up at #10, the Lancer at #11 and being the only brand to manage to place a model at #2 in the monthly rankings: the Pajero in May and June and the L200 in July.

Mercedes S Class

The best-selling non-Japanese model in the Kia Sportage at #19 and the best-selling non-Asian model is the BMW 5 Series at #25. Notice also the Toyota FJ Cruiser at #22 with 2,308 sales, the Mercedes E-Class at #26, BMW X6 at #30, Porsche Cayenne at #31, BMW X5 at #32, BMW 7 Series at #35, Range Rover Sport at #37 and Mercedes S-Class at #38.

Previous month: UAE November 2011: Hilux leads, 5 Toyotas in Top 5!

Full Year 2011, December and every Monthly Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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Qatar Full Year 2011: Land Cruiser & Hilux on top, Nissan strong

Toyota Land Cruiser

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Qatari consumers bought 62,346 new vehicles in 2011 and two models stand out from the crowd this year: Qatar’s favourite is the Toyotal Land Cruiser with 5,955 sales and 9.6% share, followed by the Toyota Hilux at 5.079 units and 8.1%. The Nissan D22 Pick-up takes the third place with 2,514 sales and 4% share.

Nissan Patrol Pick-up

In fact the 9 best-selling models are either a Toyota or a Nissan, with the Nissan Tiida at #4 with 3.2%, ahead of the Toyota Camry and Corolla (both at 2.8%), Nissan Sunny (2.7%), Toyota Prado (2.4%) and Nissan Patrol (2.1%). Notice the excellent 10th spot of the GMC Sierra at 1,272 units and 2%, the Hyundai Elantra new generation landing directly #11 with 1,042 sales, the Lexus LX at #14, the Chevrolet Tahoe at #20 and GMC Yukon at #27.

GMC Sierra

In December, the Toyota Prado is up #2, the Hyundai Sonata up to #8, VW Jetta up to #10, Chevrolet Epica up to #11, Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up up to #13 and the BMW 7 Series, after a fantastic month of November at #8, falls down to a still very respectable 20th place.

Previous month: Qatar November 2011: Land Cruiser #1, BMW 7 Series in Top 10!

Full Year 2011 Top 100, December and every Monthly Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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Oman 2011: 7 Toyotas in Top 7, Land Cruiser edges Hilux out

Toyota Land Cruiser. Picture by dohaknight85. All rights reserved.

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14,767 new vehicles were registered in the Sultanate of Oman in December, bringing the final 2011 total to 168,789 sales. For most of the year the Toyota Hilux was the best-selling model in the country, ranking #1 for 7 months, but a weak month of December due to Thai supply issues brought it down to #2 with 18,996 sales and 11.3% share, below the Toyota Land Cruiser, #1 5 times this year and the best-selling model in the Sultanate in 2011 at 19,444 units and 11.5%.

Toyota Hilux. Picture by Waleed. All rights reserved.

The five following models are all Toyotas! The Land Cruiser Pick-up reaches an excellent third place with 13,896 sales and 8.2%, ahead of the Prado at 6.3%, Hiace at 3.8%, Corolla at 3.6% and Camry at 2.9%. The first non-Toyota is the Kia Cerato at #8 with 4,485 units and 2.7% but it is the Nissan Sunny (#9 at 2.3%) that reached the highest monthly ranking for a non-Toyota in Oman this year at #4 in December. Notice also the Kia Sportage at #11 and the Lexus LX at #13, bringing the Land Cruiser family’s market share in Oman to an insane 28%!

Nissan Sunny

In December, the Toyota Land Cruiser stays in stratospheric heights at 13.6% share, ahead of the Land Cruiser Pick-up at 11.3%, the Prado at 6.4% and the Nissan Sunny at 4.7%. Other great performers include the Kia Optima at #13, Dodge Charger at #44 and VW Passat CC at #54.

Previous month: Oman November 2011: Land Cruiser family at 34% share!

Full Year 2011 Top 100, December and each Monthly Top 80 Ranking Tables below.

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Portugal Full Year 2011: Renault Megane #1 for 3rd year in a row

Renault Megane. Station Wagons account for a large part of sales in Portugal

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Bad news keep coming from Portugal: December car sales are down 60% to 11,207 units, bringing the final 2011 total to 153,433 registrations, down 31% on 2010. The Renault Megane is the best-selling model in Portugal for the third year in a row in spite of sales down 42% to 8,330 units and 5.4% share vs. 6.5% in 2010.

Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza is once again in 2nd place at 5,806 units and 3.8%, down 35%, with the Renault Clio up 2 spots to #3 thanks to 5,793 sales (-32%). The VW Polo is up 4 ranks to #4 with 5,159 sales (-19%) and only 2 units ahead of the Opel Corsa (+1 but -38%). Then we find the VW Golf (-2 and -41%), Peugeot 207 (-33%), Ford Fiesta (-45%), Opel Astra (-26%) and Fiat Punto Evo, back into the Top 10 at #10, up 8 spots and 29% on 2010.

Nissan Juke

Notice also the VW Passat up 29 ranks and 65% to #15. The best new entrant in the Top 30 is the Nissan Juke landing directly to #18 with 2,216 sales and 1.4%. Also making their first appearance in the ranking are the Dacia Duster at #26 with 1,518 units and 1%, the Peugeot 508 at #31 with 1,380 sales and 0.9% and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta at #32 with 1,347 units.

In December the Megane keeps the lead at 4.7% share, the Opel Astra jumps up 7 spots to #2 and 3.7%, the Renault Clio is stable at #3 and the VW Golf is up 2 ranks to #4. The Nissan Qashqai at #6 (+5) and Ford Focus at #8 (+6) also shine.

Previous month: Portugal November 2011: VW Passat and Audi A4 shine

Previous year: Portugal Full Year 2010: Renault Megane #1 for 2nd consecutive year, Seat Ibiza up to #2

Full Year 2011 Top 30 and December 2011 Top 12 Ranking Tables below.

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China LCV Full Year 2011: Wuling Sunshine sovereign again

Wuling Sunshine

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417,438 new Light Commercial Vehicles were registered in December in China, down 7% on December 2010 and bringing the 2011 total to 4,928,749 units, also down 7% on 2010. The Wuling Sunshine leads the category again this year with a large margin: it sells 60,876 units in December, up 32%, and 731,749 over the full year, down just 3% on 2010. December is the 4th consecutive month above 60,000 sales for the Sunshine which ranked #1 every single month of the year in 2011 and was never threatened.

Wuling Rongguang

The Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang is without contest the performer of the year: it ranks #2 in December with 31,843 sales (+32%) and is up 2 spots and 38% over the Full Year 2011 at 382,762 units. The Foton Forland stays #3 but drops by 10% to 373,443 sales, followed by the ChangAn MiniBus (-34%) and the DongFeng MiniBus (+5%).

To give these figures a little perspective, let’s notice that the Ford F-Series sold 681,242 units in 2011 in the whole of North America (USA + Canada) including 76,230 units in December, its best volume in over 4 years. In Europe (27 countries), the VW Golf sold 33,849 units in December and 484,547 over the full year…

Previous month: China LCV November 2011: Wuling Sunshine up 40% year-on-year

Previous year: China LCV Full Year 2010: 755,000 Wuling Sunshine sold!

Full Year and December 2011 Top 5 Ranking Tables below.

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Bahrain Full Year 2011: Land Cruiser leads, Hyundai Accent shines

Toyota Land Cruiser

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I can now share with you detailed sales data for the whole year 2011 in the 6 countries forming the Gulf Cooperation Council! Bahrain is the first cab off the rank, and you can now access a Top 100 for the Full Year 2011 and each and every month of the year! Click on the title for all the details.

Toyota Corolla

31,212 new cars were registered in Bahrain in 2011 and the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best-selling model in the country this year with 2,157 sales and 6.9% share. It was #1 6 times in 2011, peaking at 294 sales in November. The Toyota Corolla takes the second spot at 1,402 units and 4.5% and was #1 twice. It is followed by the Toyota Hilux with 1,331 sales and 4.3%, leading the way once, in July.

Hyundai Accent

In fourth place we find the Nissan Tiida at 1,286 sales and 4.1%, ranking first twice, ahead of the Hyundai Accent new generation at 1,101 units and 3.5%. The new Accent launched in January and built up all through the year to brilliantly reach the pole position in December with 145 sales and 5.7% share. The only other model to sell over 1,000 units in Bahrain in 2011 is the Toyota Camry at #6 and 1,045 units.

BMW 7 Series

Other great December performers include the Hyundai Tucson up to #3, Kia Cerato up to #5, BMW 7 Series up to a fantastic 6th place for a car that expensive, Hyundai Sonata up to #13, Hyundai Santa Fe up to #14 and BMW X5 up to #18.

Previous month: Bahrain November 2011: Toyota Land Cruiser and Hyundai Accent lead

Full Year 2011, December and every month’s Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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Colombia Full Year 2011: Old gen Chevrolet Aveo keeps the lead

Chevrolet Aveo

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Record year in Colombia with 324,570 registrations, up a massive 26% on 2010 which was already a record year! The Chevrolet Aveo keeps the pole position for the 6th year in a row with 19,779 sales and 6.1% share, up an impressive 32% given this is the previous generation model… The Renault Sandero/Stepway is up one spot and 31% to #2 with 17,105 units and 5.3%.

Chevrolet Spark GT

Excellent first full year for the Chevrolet Spark GT, up 4 ranks and 137% on 2010 to #3 with 16,420 sales and 5.1%. The Renault Logan also excels, up 40% to #4 with 16,040 units and 4.9%. The Chevrolet Aveo Emotion (current generation) is down 4% and 3 spots to #5 at 4.3%, ahead of the Chevrolet Spark previous generation, also down 4% to 3.5%. The Chevrolet Captiva impresses at +79% in 7th place, as does the Nissan Tiida, up 139% and 12 ranks to #10.

Chevrolet N300

Further down the ranking, the Ford Fiesta is up 245% to #13, the Kia Picanto is up 79% to #15 and the Hyundai i25 (aka Accent) is the best-selling all-new model in Colombia this year, landing directly at #27 with 2,948 sales. It is followed by the Chevrolet N300 (aka Wuling Rongguang) at #37 and 1,809 units.

The Chinese progress this year, led by the Chery Van at #38 (+1522%!), Zotye Nomade at #63 (-9%), DongFeng Van at #66 (+38%), DongFeng Pick-up at #77 (+50%), Great Wall Wingle  at #78 (+469%) and BYD F0 at #84 (+604%).

Previous post: Colombia 6 months 2011: Chevrolet Spark threatens Aveo

Previous year: Colombia Full Year 2010: Chevrolet Aveo and Spark in command

Full Year 2011 Top 195 Ranking Table below.

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Brunei 2011: Toyota, Kia and Suzuki dominate

Kia Cerato. Kia sales are up 67% in 2011 in Brunei

* See the Top 6 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Sandro *

The Brunei new car market is up 7% year-on-year in 2011 to 14,555 registrations compared to 13,589 in 2010. Toyota dominates the market with 3,235 sales and 22.2% share, however sales of the Japanese manufacturer are down 16% on 2010 when it held 28.3% of the Brunei market. Reversely, Kia is up by a massive 67% this year to #2 with 1,797 units and 12.3%, followed by Suzuki at 1,559 sales and 10.7%, up 21%.

Models-wise, the Toyota Vios should be the best-selling car in Brunei in 2011, however in December the Kia Rio was #1 with 65 sales and 4.7% share vs. 63 and 4.6% for the Vios.

Full Year 2011 Top 6 Brands Ranking Table below.

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Canada Full Year 2011: Ford F-Series & Dodge RAM on top

Ford F-Series

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 150 best-selling models! Click on title to see *

Car sales in Canada are up 2% in 2011 to 1,581,733 registrations, making it the 12th biggest car market in the world behind South Korea and above Iran. After breaking its annual volume record in 2010, the Ford F-Series keeps the pole position by far this year with sales down just 2% to 96,325 units. It is the 46th consecutive year that the Ford F-Series is the best-selling pick-up in Canada.

Dodge RAM

Excellent performance of the Dodge RAM, up 18% and 2 spots on 2010 to #2 with 64,297 sales. The Honda Civic drops one spot and 4% to #3 and 55,090 units, however thanks to the new generation its end of year was very solid. The Honda Civic has now topped the Canadian passenger car ranking for 14 years in a row!

Honda Civic

The Dodge Grand Caravan is down 3% to 53,406 sales at #4, ahead of the GMC Sierra (+3%) and the success story of the year: the Hyundai Elantra, leading the passenger cars ranking for the first half of 2011 and finishing the year at #6 overall with 44,970 units, up a massive 57% on 2010. The Ford Escape (+3%) and Chevrolet Silverado (-3%) follow.

Hyundai Elantra

Other great 2011 performers include the Chevrolet Cruze directly #11 with 33,900 sales for its first full year, the VW Jetta up 81% to #13, Jeep Wrangler up 41% to #23, Kia Sorento up 48% to #25, Ford Fiesta up 195% to #33, Ford Explorer up 119% to #44 and Mazda2 up 215% to #47.

Further down the ranking, notice the Mitsubishi RVR (aka ASX) up 782% to #58, the Mitsubishi Outlander up 585% to #67, the Fiat 500 landing directly at #70, the Nissan Juke up 456% to #81, the BMW X1 landing at #106, the Mini Countryman at #143 and Lexus CT at #150.

In December, the Honda Civic is very strong again at #2 with 5,525 sales, the Toyota RAV4 is up 3 spots to land at #10 and the Subaru Impreza is up a huge 69 spots on November to #21 with the new generation now arriving in dealerships.

Previous month: Canada November 2011: Honda Civic best-seller overall!

Previous year: Canada Full Year 2010: Ford F-Series breaks record

Full Year 2011 Top 150 and December 2011 Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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Jordan 2011: Hyundai Elantra and Nissan Sunny strong

Hyundai Elantra

There is no official car sales data available for Jordan, but thanks to James and some 2011-2012 YouTube videos of the streets of Amman I can share with you some info about this market. Now of course this is complete speculation so please get it touch if you have anything more!

The Jordanian market has a history of Korean brands domination, even though they seem to have released their grip somewhat over the last 3 to 5 years. The streets of Amman are literally swarming with 1992 Kia Sephias, 1997 Daewoo Nubiras, 2004 Hyundai Elantras and the 1995 & 2000 Hyundai Accents built in neighbouring Egypt.

The Nissan Sunny sold in Jordan is in fact a previous generation Samsung SM3

Some of this heritage has ‘translated’ today into the strength of the Hyundai Elantra, which I will venture is possibly the best-selling car in Jordan especially since the arrival of the new generation in late 2011 (pictured). The Mitsubishi Lancer previous generation is still on the catalogue and still selling very well, it could be on the podium this year along with the Nissan Sunny, a rebadged previous generation Samsung SM3.

Other popular models in Jordan include the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Nissan Sunny Classic, Kia Picanto and Honda Civic. Peugeot also seems to be doing relatively well with the 207 and 206+. As far as pick-ups are concerned, the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Pickup and Mitsubishi L200 dominate.

More pictures and links to Amman streets YouTube videos below.

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