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Is your favourite model selling as much as it should?

I want one!

Over the last 24 hours I have been looking for ways to put a picture of my new favourite car, the Maserati Kubang, on this blog and now I found one! 🙂

Being about the best-selling cars in the world and not the most beautiful or the most expensive, BSCB sometimes ends up talking mostly about dull volume makers like the Toyota *cough*olla, even though I try to spice it up a bit with pictures of the BMW X6 or Lamborghini Aventador when I get access to their sales figures…

OK fine, if I can’t have the Kubang, can I have the new 3 Series please?

But after all, beautiful and expensive cars also sell well, see the BMW 7 Series in the Top 10 in Qatar, Rolls Royce beating its all-time sales record in 2011 or BMW and Mercedes dominating the Singaporean market this year

Is your favourite car also a best-seller? Do you check this site every month in the hope of seeing it appear at last in your country’s ranking? Any models you would be particularly interested in knowing sales figures for but never can find any?

This post is yours dear readers, comment away!

Or the Range Rover Evoque? For my birthday please… It’s in April…

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  1. I really like Italian cars like the Lancia Thesis but i WISH i had a Mercedes S-Class or a Peugeot 407 or 406 Coupe….

  2. @matgasnier
    Yes Matt, in fact is a Ford. I had 4 till now. A 1999 Fiesta zetec, a 2002 Fiesta Ghia, a 2002 Focus 5 door Trend and a 2005 Mondeo Ghia. I just love all of them. They never let me down, were quite reliable and wonderful to drive and own.
    My previous cars before the Fords were a Fiat Uno fire, two Lancias Delta including a 1600 HF (a classic item nowdays), a Seat Ibiza that I just hate because I only had problems with it, and a Toyota Carina, ultra reliable.

  3. My favourite car is not a Ferrari, Porsche or Maserati… is a Ford, the Focus that I think a solid reliable fine car for everyday. I also like the Lexus and the Mazda models.

  4. I’m devastated that my favourite car is no longer imported to Australia – the mighty Daewoo Matiz! I’ll have one in gold thx! They’re stylish, practical and economical, the perfect car! Sigh …

  5. Well it depends if you’re talking about favourite car I can afford to buy or favourite aspirational car… Afford – yes it’s selling by the truck load & even became a top 3 model in Australia in November 2011 – The Golf! I’d like a Golf R in blue please if anyone wants to buy me one…
    For my aspirational car I haven’t seen it on any best selling blogs – The Range Rover Sport – i’ll be a good boy all year if Santa can secure me one of these!!

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