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Italy November 2011: Fiat Panda gets stronger UPDATED

Fiat Panda

NOW UPDATED with actuals for the entire Top 65 thanks to Cristiana at UNRAE *

* See the Top 65 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

The Italian car market continues to struggle at -9% and 133,314 registrations in November and -11% at 1,645,084 units year-to-date. Possibly helped by end-of-stock promotions for the current generation and the first units of the 2012 model arriving in dealerships, the Fiat Panda is on top for the third month in a row and the 5th time this year with 10,157 sales and 7.6%, its strongest share since February 2010… It is getting close to the Punto, #2 this month, in the year-to-date ranking with 107,448 units and 6.5% vs. 113,788 and 6.9% for the Punto.

The Lancia Ypsilon enjoys its 4th consecutive month at #3 with 4,869 sales and 3.7%. It is the first time in the history of the Ypsilon nameplate, launched in December 2003, that it manages to stay on the podium that long. The Fiat 500 is up 2 spots back to its traditional 4th place, making it 4 Italian models in the Top 4. The Renault Clio is in the Top 10 for the first time since June.

Range Rover Evoque

Other great performers this month include the VW Tiguan up 8 ranks on October to an excellent 23rd place at 1,505 units and 1.1% and the Hyundai ix35 up 23 spots to #29 with 1,271 sales and 1%. The Range Rover Evoque has aroused Italian consumers: it is #65 this month with 477 units and 0.4%, a level Range Rovers have not reached in at least 20 years.

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Full November 2011 Top 65 Ranking Table below.

Italy November 2011:

1Fiat Panda10,1577.6%1107,4486.5%22
2Fiat Punto7,6185.7%2113,7886.9%11
3Lancia Ypsilon4,8693.7%350,9273.1%59
4Fiat 5004,4223.3%657,6283.5%44
5Ford Fiesta3,9012.9%461,1023.7%33
6VW Polo3,7962.8%542,1472.6%77
7Opel Corsa3,4622.6%737,4212.3%86
8VW Golf3,1482.4%846,3652.8%65
9Citroen C32,8022.1%931,8871.9%108
10Renault Clio2,5991.9%1627,2731.7%1310
11Nissan Qashqai2,5181.9%1328,4131.7%1212
12Alfa Romeo Giulietta2,4301.8%1133,0872.0%934
13Opel Astra2,1611.6%1428,8961.8%1115
15Toyota Yaris1,8211.4%2225,1701.5%1511
16Renault Megane1,7771.3%1917,0851.0%2420
17Ford Focus1,7351.3%1526,0551.6%1413
18Peugeot 2071,7241.3%1020,1861.2%1714
19Smart Fortwo1,6911.3%1223,0021.4%1616
20Ford C-Max1,6771.3%2519,3191.2%1946
21Mercedes A Class1,5781.2%1713,9900.9%3121
22Dacia Duster1,5481.2%2017,9181.1%22 –
23VW Tiguan1,5051.1%3110,6950.7%3839
24Nissan Juke1,4121.1%2615,3800.9%25 –
25Fiat Freemont1,3711.0%218,8330.5%49 –
26Opel Meriva1,3331.0%3018,4991.1%2126
27Toyota Aygo1,3241.0%2315,0360.9%2635
28Renault Scenic1,2821.0%3413,3840.8%3425
29Hyundai ix351,2711.0%529,8470.6%42 –
30Fiat Bravo1,2090.9%2419,0841.2%2018
31Ford Ka1,1770.9%2914,1730.9%2927
32VW Passat1,0480.8%2813,5740.8%33 –
33Chevrolet Spark9900.7%2714,1150.9%3038
34Audi A49890.7%3314,5120.9%2722
35Alfa Romeo Mi.To9750.7%3517,3681.1%2317
36Audi Q59240.7%419,2180.6%4649
37Lancia Delta8840.7%4413,7540.8%3229
38Fiat Qubo8640.6%3610,8530.7%3732
39BMW X18520.6%388,5750.5%5247
40Lancia Musa8480.6%4914,3140.9%2819
41Hyundai i108150.6%399,5880.6%4328
42Seat Ibiza7950.6%409,1350.6%47 –
43Mercedes C Class7700.6%458,8510.5%48 –
44Opel Insignia7680.6%5111,0900.7%3642
45Renault Twingo7650.6%588,0380.5%5843
46Toyota RAV47460.6%508,5550.5%5452
47BMW Serie 57390.6%548,5730.5%53 –
48Nissan Micra7040.5%3212,1980.7%35 –
49Audi A37040.5%n/a5,7340.3%6937
50BMW X36880.5%378,7360.5%50 –
51Peugeot 50086580.5%647,5950.5%59 –
52Opel Agila6450.5%536,0580.4%6453
53Peugeot 3086360.5%4710,6400.6%3940
54Audi A16360.5%4810,5790.6%40 –
55Ford Kuga6350.5%4610,1290.6%4141
56Renault Modus6210.5%606,0330.4%65 –
57Hyundai ix206000.5%569,2530.6%45 –
58Peugeot 1075780.4%438,4000.5%5630
59Citroen C15740.4%556,9610.4%6131
60Peugeot 30085600.4%428,6770.5%5144
61Dacia Sandero5290.4%n/a5,5990.3%7033
62Volvo V505100.4%n/a4,9030.3%n/a –
63Citroen C4 Picasso5040.4%n/a8,3350.5%5751
64BMW Serie 34920.4%598,4550.5%5536
65Range Rover Evoque4770.4%n/an/an/an/a –



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  1. @MFabio83
    I think this is a supply problem.
    The Lancia Thema and the Chrysler 300C are assembled in the same factory in canada.
    This car is also a huge success in the US and Canada.

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