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France: 1990-2010 Historical Data now available!

Renault Clio

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Thanks to STAC I can now share with you detailed French yearly rankings since 1990! The 90s were the decade of the Renault Clio: launched in 1990, after two years of Peugeot 205 domination it started its reign in 1992 when it lodged what still remains its best year so far at 233,209 sales and 11.1% share. It then ranked #1 for 5 consecutive years until 1996 and 7 more times after that, the last year being 2006, spanning 3 generations of the model.

Peugeot 206

In September 1998, Peugeot launched the 206 and it was the successor to the 205 the brand had been waiting for. It ranked 1st in 2001, being the last model to sell over 200,000 yearly units in France, and 2004. 7.4 million units of the 206 were produced compared to 5.3 million 205. It was replaced in April 2006 by the Peugeot 207, also an instant hit and #1 for 4 consecutive years from 2007 to 2010.

Renault Megane Scenic

The Renault Megane managed to top the French year-end ranking in 1997 thanks to its Scenic MPV version which would later be counted as a separate model. Witness also the success of the Renault Twingo, Laguna, Peugeot 306, 106, 406, Citroen Saxo, Xsara and Picasso. In 1996 the first Korean model, the Daewoo Nexia, ranks within the year-end Top 50 and in January 2007 the first Japanese car breaks into the monthly Top 10: the Toyota Yaris.

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