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Peru 2010/2011: Toyota Hilux and Yaris lead record market

Toyota Hilux, picture by snocat17

* Many thanks to Seba from Montevideo, Uruguay for making this post possible! *

In 2010, Peruvian consumers bought 120,800 new cars, an increase of no less than 57% on 2009 and the new yearly volume record for the country, the first time above 100,000 annual units and 31% ahead of the previous record of 2008 at 92,539 units.

Toyota has led in Peru for almost 20 years and places two models on top of the ranking: the Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in the country with 9,014 units and 7.5% share and the Yaris is the most popular passenger car with 8,124 sales and 6.7%. The Kia Rio is likely to round up the podium, ahead of the Toyota Corolla at 3,180 units and 2.6%.

The 1991 Daewoo Tico is the most popular taxi in Peru

In 2011 it looks like car sales in Peru will break a new record with 56,028 new registrations over the first 5 months of the year, up 24% on 2010. Only brand sales info is available for January to April 2011 and it shows Toyota leading the passenger car ranking again with 4,024 units and 14.8% but down 9% and seriously threatened by Kia at 3,837 sales (14.1%) and Chevrolet at 3,574 units (13.1%), up a massive 109% year-on-year.

Among Chinese carmakers, notice Chery at #9 with 536 sales (2% share) up 29%, Great Wall at #12 with 364 sales (1.3%) up 275%, JAC at #17 with 254 sales (0.9%) up 505% and Geely at #19 with 219 sales (0.8%) up 50%.

2008 to 2011 brands Ranking Tables: see ‘Read more’ below the Hilux pic.

Toyota Hilux, picture by Captain Victor

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