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France 16 to 22 August 2011: Dacia Duster up to #5

Dacia Duster

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20,182 new cars were sold during the 16 to 22 August week in France, down 4% year-on-year. Renault is back to #1 but stays below Citroen and Peugeot in the month-to-date ranking… The Renault Clio reclaims the top spot at 1,099 sales and 5.4% share, but it’s the Peugeot 207 that ranks #1 month-to-date thanks to a robust week at 979 sales and 4.9%.

The Citroen C3 drops to 3rd place at 3.5%, followed by the Renault Megane (3.4%) and the Dacia Duster, back to excellent scores in 5th position with 669 sales and 3.3% share. It is also #5 month-to-date at 1,992 units and 3%. The VW Polo and Golf are down to #7 and #8 but up 3% and 64% respectively year-on-year.

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Full 16 to 22 August Top 10 Ranking Table below.

France 16 to 22 August 2011:

PosModel16 to 22 Aug%1 to 22 Aug%PosJulyJun20112010
1Renault Clio1,0995.4%2,6744.1%31112
2Peugeot 2079794.9%2,7454.2%12221
3Citroen C37073.5%2,6984.1%24436
4Renault Mégane6893.4%1,7572.7%83349
5Dacia Duster6693.3%1,9923.0%514101332
6Peugeot 3086163.1%1,7602.7%76558
7VW Polo6063.0%1,9893.0%6891010
8VW Golf5852.9%2,0593.1%411161514
9Peugeot 30085652.8%1,6312.5%997811
10Renault Twingo5302.6%n/an/an/a71373

Source: Auto Plus

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  1. But Renault reascend strong at the end of the week since this year…
    The Mégane and the 308 re exceed the Golf this month normally …

  2. Well, answering to Matgasnie and Tuga, curiously in France the Golf is cheaper than a 308 and some Mégane versions. On the other way, some French cars heritates from poor quality of the sixties and seventies. Dacia was a quite poor quality car in the eigthies, in fact was nothing else but a Renault 12. To avoid the marque bankropt, Renault bougth it and nowadays Dacias are Renaults rebadge and with the same mechanics.

  3. Attention aux immatriculations à la semaine. Renault a tendance à faire beaucoup d’immatriculations en fin de mois….

    1. Hi Tuga,
      In the August month-to-date ranking yes, that is correct and yes I agree: massive ouch! Given the Megane, facelifted 308 and C4 are all more recent than the Golf…

  4. Bonjour,

    La C3/DS3 est toujours en progrès depuis son lancement! Elle est la plus vendue devant la Clio III et la 207.
    En version berline: la C3 est n°1.

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