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This is BestSellingCars’ post number 1,001!

Lada Granta

Exactly 9 months after starting this blog on 29 October 2010, we have passed a big milestone at BestSellingCars today: this is my 1,001st post! That’s an average of 3.6 posts a day…yep I have been hard at work! 🙂

You have been more and more numerous – 54,500 unique visitors over the last 3 months – to check on the world’s best selling cars here each day, and I want to thank you very much for your support! Since the start of this blog, you have viewed 580,000 pages on here.

You came from 184 countries around the planet! That’s absolutely everywhere except Greenland, Chad, Niger, Somalia, Mauritania, Papua New Guinea and North Korea: please tell your friends who live there to come for a visit! 10,173 visits came from the USA, 968 from China, 523 from Saudi Arabia, 185 from Iraq, 17 from Botswana and 1 from St Vincent & the Grenadines…

The next 6 months promise to be even more exciting! I will finalise all Historical Data by adding USA and France figures. I will also soon call for ‘data donation’ for significant countries where I don’t have monthly figures so you can all add value. We will also follow the resurrection of MG in the UK, the arrival of the Lada Granta in Russia… and much more!

See below for the world map of BestSellingCars visits, countries and cities with most visits – and a special thank you to our regular visitor from Krasnoyarsk, Russia!

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