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Ireland May 2011: Ford Focus and Renault Fluence take off

Ford Focus

The Irish car market stays very solid this month, up 9% year-on-year at 9,380 units and 12% year-to-date at 66,1089 registrations. The Ford Focus reacquaints itself with a familiar situation: the domination of Ireland car sales. At 8.8% share and 823 sales, the Focus is a distant #1 and jumps up two spots in the year-to-date ranking to #2 with 2,863 units (4.3%), on its way to reclaim the year-end pole position it occupied from 2000 to 2009 before being dethroned by the Renault Megane last year.

Renault Fluence

The Renault Fluence also shines this month in Ireland, up to 2nd place with a best-ever 5.4% share and 504 sales. It is now #5 year-to-date at 2,393 sales (3.6%). Still #1 in 2011, the VW Golf drops one spot vs. April in 3rd position but improves its market share to a very solid 5.1%. The Ford Fiesta is up 7 spots at #4, the VW Passat down 4 spots at #5 and the Nissan Micra up 3 spots to #7.

Full Top 30 Ranking Table below.

Ireland May 2011:

1Ford Focus8238.8%32,8634.3%23
2Renault Fluence5045.4%62,3933.6%519
3VW Golf4825.1%22,9534.5%12
4Ford Fiesta3954.2%112,3103.5%64
5VW Passat3844.1%12,5153.8%414
6Toyota Avensis2853.0%82,6894.1%36
7Nissan Micra2803.0%101,4462.2%1824
8Opel Insignia2652.8%91,4572.2%1613
9Toyota Corolla2472.6%72,1303.2%711
10Renault Megane2462.6%51,9823.0%91
11Toyota Yaris2212.4%181,6512.5%118
12Nissan Qashqai2102.2%42,0983.2%85
13Skoda Octavia2082.2%121,7032.6%109
14VW Polo2042.2%261,4492.2%1510
15Ford Mondeo1902.0%171,2651.9%1915
16Renault Clio1751.9%191,3522.0%177
17Hyundai ix351611.7%141,1131.7%2149
18BMW 5-Series1481.6%211,5262.3%1420
19Nissan Juke1401.5%221,0271.6%22133
20Toyota Auris1381.5%161,5502.3%1217
21Opel Corsa1381.5%201,1831.8%2016
22Opel Astra1361.4%131,5382.3%1312
23Mercedes E Class1071.1%239191.4%2418
24Audi A41061.1%158321.3%2521
25Hyundai i301041.1%345060.8%3330
26Skoda Superb981.0%276961.1%2725
27Skoda Fabia961.0%257731.2%2628
28Seat Ibiza931.0%249131.4%2327
29Peugeot 508870.9%292060.3%62
30Peugeot 3008810.9%305410.8%3026

Source: SIMI,

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