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Germany: 2001-2010 Historical Data now available

Mercedes C Class, #2 in Germany in 2001

* Now with every Monthly Top 30 for 2010! *

After the 1946 to 2000 period, I have now uploaded Historical Data for years 2001 to 2010 in Germany. You can access at least a year-end Top 50 for each year and every single Monthly Top 10, 20 or 30 from January 2002 on! See the direct links to these 10 new articles by clicking on ‘Read more’ at the end of this post.

In 2001 and for the first time in 15 years, the #2 spot is not held by an Opel – Kadett or Astra – but by the Mercedes C Class. In fact, the Astra will rank 2nd only twice during the decade (2004 and 2005), giving way to the BMW 3 Series (2002, 2003), VW Passat (2006, 2007), Audi A4 (2008) and VW Polo (2009, 2010).

Audi A4, #2 in 2008

The noughties is a decade to forget for the VW Golf. Even though it stays on top the whole time, the arrival of the VW Touran in 2003 and Golf Plus in 2004 destabilise its sales. It stays below 7% year-end share, an all-time low, between 2003 and 2007 even dropping to 5.3% in December 2003. The 6th generation brings back the nameplate to a more familiar 9.6% share in 2009.

Skoda Fabia, #2 in February and September 2009

2009 is the year the German models ranking went mad due to a very vigorous scrappage scheme: the Skoda Fabia #2 twice! The Fiat Panda #4! Dacia Sandero and Fiat Grande Punto #7!

See ‘Read more’ for the direct links to these 10 new posts.

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