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France May 2011: Peugeot above Renault, places 3008 at #5

Peugeot 3008

* Now updated with the Top 130 best-selling models! See ‘Read more’ at end of post *

For its second month without scrappage schemes, the French car market is surprisingly up 6% at 197,784 registrations (but -8% on an adjusted basis). The the daily sales average at 8,990 is ahead of April’s (8,472) which is also very encouraging.

For the first time in ages – at least in my 33 years lifetime and possibly ever – Peugeot passes Renault to become the best-selling brand in France with 35,982 sales (+10%) vs. 35,542 (-14%) for Renault and 33,057 (+16%) for Citroen, a very close #3.

The Peugeot 207 leads French sales for the 2nd month in a row with 9,521 units and 4.8%, just above the Renault Clio at 9,347 and 4.7%. However the Clio stays #1 year-to-date with 51,546 sales and 5.1%. The Citroen C3 is back on the podium at #3, up 4 spots on April with 3.4% share, staying#3 overall year-to-date.

This month’s best performance goes to the Peugeot 3008, delivering by far the best month of its 2 year-career: it breaks into the Top 5 for the very first time at #5 with 6,472 sales and 3.3% share. Previous bests were #8, 5,676 sales and 2.8% share, each achieved in separate months.

Citroen DS4

The Citroen C4 Picasso is up 7 spots at #7, the Opel Corsa is the best-selling foreign model at #9, and the Dacia Duster ranks within the Top 10 for the 3rd month in a row. The Peugeot 508 improves its share to 1.8% but drops two spots to #19 and the Citroen DS4 lands directly at #52 with 1,045 sales.

Full Top 130 Ranking Table below.

France May 2011:

1Peugeot 2079,5214.8%150,7135.0%2
2Renault Clio9,3474.7%251,5465.1%1
3Citroen C36,7433.4%738,9733.8%3
4Renault Mégane6,5903.3%334,1713.4%4
5Peugeot 30086,4723.3%824,6062.4%9
6Peugeot 3086,2333.2%528,9502.9%6
7Citroen C4 Picasso5,5262.8%1422,2882.2%13
8Renault Scénic5,3922.7%428,3672.8%7
9Opel Corsa4,2432.1%1519,7631.9%15
10Dacia Duster4,1712.1%623,0072.3%11
11Citroen C4 II4,1492.1%1123,0022.3%12
12VW Polo4,1352.1%923,0232.3%10
13Ford Fiesta4,0532.0%1321,9002.2%14
14VW Golf3,8842.0%1219,6281.9%16
15Citroen DS33,7161.9%1815,6791.5%19
16Citroen C53,6221.8%2013,5351.3%21
17Citroen C3 Picasso3,6121.8%2416,2401.6%18
18Renault Twingo3,6051.8%1030,4593.0%5
19Peugeot 5083,4831.8%1711,1591.1%28
20Peugeot 50083,0051.5%2512,4891.2%23
21Peugeot 206+2,8721.5%1627,9152.8%8
22Nissan Qashqai2,8591.4%1912,2121.2%25
23Renault Laguna2,4941.3%2112,1861.2%26
24Ford Focus2,2771.2%426,3820.6%44
25Renault Modus2,2611.1%2213,2871.3%22
26Citroen C12,1941.1%3912,3181.2%24
28Ford C-Max1,9631.0%299,8601.0%30
29Seat Ibiza1,9431.0%319,9621.0%29
30VW Passat1,8260.9%327,8390.8%39
31Nissan Juke1,7790.9%308,0170.8%36
32Dacia Sandero1,7510.9%2613,8321.4%20
33VW Touran1,6700.8%388,2400.8%35
34Renault Kangoo1,6370.8%457,8810.8%38
35Opel Astra1,6120.8%447,5370.7%40
36Renault Clio Campus1,5930.8%2317,8311.8%17
37Audi A11,4630.7%436,4690.6%43
38Opel Zafira1,3910.7%595,0210.5%49
39Opel Meriva1,3500.7%357,9020.8%37
40VW Tiguan1,3490.7%336,8640.7%42
41Fiat 5001,3320.7%289,0420.9%32
42Audi A41,2850.6%464,8460.5%52
43Citroen Berlingo1,2710.6%676,1610.6%45
44BMW Serie 11,2420.6%494,7190.5%54
45BMW Serie 31,2000.6%514,4140.4%57
46Peugeot 1071,1870.6%5311,2981.1%27
47Audi A31,1460.6%414,8350.5%53
48Mercedes Classe C1,1340.6%373,6780.4%62
49Fiat Punto1,1280.6%347,3040.7%41
50Fiat Panda1,0860.5%488,7670.9%33
51Peugeot Partner1,0830.5%695,9500.6%46
52Citroen DS41,0450.5%n/a1,3860.1%101
53Toyota Yaris1,0370.5%369,0640.9%31
54Skoda Fabia9940.5%723,4230.3%64
55Opel Insignia9630.5%603,6010.4%63
56Alfa Romeo Giulietta9350.5%504,0460.4%59
57Mercedes Classe B8450.4%663,2530.3%65
58Audi A58200.4%652,9570.3%70
59Ford Kuga8180.4%623,9300.4%60
60Ford Ka8090.4%705,5710.5%47
61Suzuki Swift8090.4%544,4490.4%56
62Renault Trafic7770.4%802,3300.2%84
63Toyota Aygo7070.4%634,9120.5%50
64Toyota Verso6810.3%403,8990.4%61
65Renault Espace6720.3%712,9960.3%69
66Smart ForTwo6670.3%772,7270.3%75
67Toyota Auris6580.3%474,6530.5%55
68Audi Q56220.3%752,3920.2%82
69Peugeot RCZ6180.3%762,7810.3%74
70BMW X16160.3%563,2120.3%66
71Kia Venga6160.3%n/a3,0710.3%67
72Seat Leon6150.3%742,4610.2%80
73Kia Sportage6150.3%852,4280.2%81
74Mercedes Classe E6130.3%613,0450.3%68
75BMW Serie 55740.3%732,6330.3%78
76Nissan Micra5690.3%555,1260.5%48
77Hyundai ix355660.3%582,8960.3%72
78BMW X35550.3%791,8840.2%93
79Peugeot Bipper5500.3%n/a2,3640.2%83
80Dacia Logan5450.3%574,1400.4%58
81Chevrolet Spark4690.2%524,9030.5%51
82Renault Koleos4660.2%922,2130.2%85
83Alfa Romeo MiTo4640.2%782,9050.3%71
84VW Scirocco4590.2%n/a1,8910.2%92
85Mercedes Classe A4580.2%822,5530.3%79
86Skoda Octavia4380.2%891,9150.2%91
87Ford Mondeo4280.2%862,1690.2%86
88Toyota RAV44130.2%642,8220.3%73
89Kia Cee’d4070.2%832,0210.2%87
90Kia Picanto4050.2%n/a1,7000.2%97
91Chevrolet Cruze3990.2%n/an/an/an/a
92Citroen Nemo3830.2%951,9360.2%90
93Renault Latitude3670.2%842,7260.3%76
94Volvo XC603510.2%871,8600.2%94
95Chevrolet Orlando3500.2%81n/an/an/a
96Fiat Bravo3500.2%n/an/an/an/a
98Ford S-Max3420.2%682,0140.2%88
98Nissan Note (e)3410.2%n/a1,7080.2%96
99Audi A63180.2%93n/an/an/a
100Skoda Superb3180.2%n/a1,1160.1%n/a
101Chevrolet Aveo (e)3090.2%n/a2,6860.3%77
102Hyundai i303060.2%881,4600.1%100
103Seat Altea2980.2%911,3320.1%103
104Toyota Verso-S2790.1%n/an/an/an/a
105Opel Agila2720.1%991,8120.2%95
106Volvo V602680.1%n/an/an/an/a
107Chevrolet Captiva2580.1%n/an/an/an/a
108Skoda Yeti2580.1%n/a1,0670.1%n/a
109Peugeot 8072570.1%n/a7230.1%n/a
110Mercedes CLS2500.1%n/an/an/an/a
111Mercedes GLK2480.1%n/an/an/an/a
112Hyundai i102470.1%1001,3230.1%104
113Toyota Prius2400.1%98n/an/an/a
114Honda Civic2390.1%n/a1,5680.2%98
115VW Sharan2340.1%n/an/an/an/a
116Hyundai ix202290.1%n/a1,4730.1%99
117Mitsubishi ASX2270.1%90n/an/an/a
118Suzuki Alto2190.1%n/a1,3830.1%102
119BMW X52050.1%n/an/an/an/a
120VW Eos2030.1%n/an/an/an/a
121Suzuki SX41890.1%n/a1,2880.1%105
122Renault Wind1890.1%n/a7640.1%n/a
123Lexus CT1880.1%98n/an/an/a
124Volvo C301870.1%n/an/an/an/a
125Citroen C81870.1%n/an/an/an/a
126Volvo S601770.1%n/an/an/an/a
127Audi A71750.1%n/an/an/an/a
128Seat Exeo1610.1%n/an/an/an/a
139Mercedes Viano1580.1%n/an/an/an/a
130Audi TT1500.1%n/an/an/an/a

Source: CCFA, www.autoweek.nlAuto Plus,

Note: (e) means estimation

Note: ‘on an adjusted basis’ at the start of the article means with the equal amount of working days. May 2011 had 22 working days compared to 19 in May 2010.

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    1. Merci!
      J’ai maintenant corrige l’article sur la France!
      A bientot
      (et tu n’as pas envoye de double message! 🙂

  1. Bon je n’ai pas trop le temps de regarder, désolé.
    On attend les chiffres par segment que le site es.autoblog mettra bientôt.
    à bientôt

  2. 1116 Superb
    1067 Yeti

    Voilà! Je pense que les chiffres de certain modèle sont erronés (le Note, etc), je regarderai après.
    Bon courage à toi.

  3. Hello,

    Je constate que vous faites quelques petites erreurs, voici les chiffres pour Skoda:
    994 Fabia
    438 Octavia
    318 Superb (devant la Chevrolet Aveo?)
    258 Yeti (devant la Hyundai i10 ?)
    106 Roomster (hors top 100)
    TOTAL :2114 (16ème)

    Je vous souhaie un bon courage.
    à bientôt

    1. Merci beaucoup!
      Je vais corriger le tableau tout de suite.
      Auriez-vous le total 5 mois pour la Superb et le Yeti?

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