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USA February 2011: market up 27%, Ford F-Series #1, Fusion #5 Discover the Top 50 best selling models

Ford Fusion

Buyers are back” is the cry we have been hearing all over the USA this month, with sales up 27% year-on-year at just under 1 million. The Top 2 best selling vehicles are still trucks: the Ford F-Series is #1 at 37,549 sales and the Chevrolet Silverado is #2 at 31,728 units.

As for passenger cars, the Toyota Camry reclaims the lead over the Toyota Corolla, and the Ford Fusion lands 3rd (or 5th overall), the first time in many years an American passenger car is on the podium. It sells 23,111 units (+40%) and is also 5th in 2011 at 37,457 sales (+31%).

Other great performances include the Chevrolet Cruze stable in 12th with best-ever 18,556 sales, the Ford Explorer back in the Top 30 (29th) with 9,657 sales and +139% and the Ford Fiesta breaking into the Top 50 at #49 with 6,270 sales.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Ford Explorer pic.

Ford Explorer

USA February 2011:

1Ford F-Series37,54914%173,35521%11
2Chevrolet Silverado31,72860%259,90041%22
3Toyota Camry27,21264%445,35740%43
4Toyota Corolla25,86052%346,44136%35
5Ford Fusion23,11140%937,45731%58
6Honda Accord21,2066%1334,662-11%84
7Nissan Altima20,80828%537,2627%67
8Honda Civic19,12116%833,7558%96
9Honda CR-V19,09661%635,43565%79
10Chevrolet Malibu19,09226%1033,1945%1011
11Dodge Ram P/U18,64482%1630,84152%1410
12Chevrolet Cruze18,556new1232,187new11116
13Ford Escape18,00519%1131,97823%1213
14Chevrolet Impala16,29039%731,47839%1315
15Hyundai Sonata15,723109%1428,984126%1512
16Chevrolet Equinox15,43435%1528,28161%1617
17Toyota Prius13,53970%1924,17447%1718
18Nissan Sentra12,59962%2222,13745%2144
19VW Jetta12,59161%1724,05144%1821
20Toyota RAV412,56285%1823,75862%1916
21Hyundai Elantra12,28954%2121,94840%2219
22GMC Sierra11,69686%2022,32364%2020
23Nissan Rogue11,42786%2320,85079%2334
24Ford Focus10,879-21%2419,893-17%2414
25Nissan Versa10,578-9%2619,26010%2533
26Dodge Caravan10,55512%3018,36834%2730
27Ford Edge10,13817%2519,05628%2622
28Ford Econoline9,72322%2917,70225%2925
29Ford Explorer9,657139%3417,008105%3056
30Chevrolet Traverse9,53362%2718,13856%2827
31Toyota Sienna8,806118%4215,149129%3535
32Honda Odyssey8,74417%3615,76628%3426
33Jeep Grand Cherokee8,66731%3116,27964%3243
34Kia Sorento8,6413%2816,7573%3124
35Toyota Highlander8,622138%3216,12999%3341
36Honda Pilot8,22423%3814,92729%3831
38Subaru Outback7,95128%3714,93150%3740
39Chrysler T&C7,904-9%3914,45610%3923
40Toyota Tacoma7,879-5%3515,0190%3629
41Jeep Wrangler7,63628%4014,08030%4038
42GMC Acadia7,54716%4713,27011%4352
43GMC Terrain7,19090%4113,55968%4258
44Toyota Tundra7,01228%4313,09940%4439
45Kia Soul6,68486%4812,029109%4853
46Lexus RX6,56715%4412,4489%4637
47Chevrolet HHR6,39837%3313,78536%4148
48Subaru Forester6,3340%4512,1405%4742
49Ford Fiesta6,270new5910,540new52118
50Chevrolet Camaro6,245-4%5311,008-7%4945

Source:, manufacturers

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