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Russia February 2011: Kalina #1, Hyundai Solaris in Top 10

Hyundai Solaris

Scrappage schemes continue to boost the Russian market, up 80% in February at 165,518 registrations. For the 2nd time in four months, the Lada Kalina is the best selling car in the country, even though its share is down from January at 5.8%.

The Lada Priora takes the 2nd spot at 5.4% and the Lada 2105/7 is #3 at 5.2% but still #1 Year-to-date at 18,410 units and 6.3%. The Lada Samara is 4th at 3.9%, with the Renault Logan getting closer in 5th at 3.6% – the 1st foreign model.

The best performer this month is the Hyundai Solaris, a Russian-built version of the new Hyundai Accent: it enters directly in 9th position for its first month with 3,406 sales! Also impressive, the Mitsubishi ASX breaks into the Top 20 at #19 with 2,405 units sold.

Full Top 25 Ranking Table below.

Russia February 2011:

1Lada Kalina9,6735.8%218,0876.2%23
2Lada Priora8,9565.4%316,6515.7%32
3Lada 2105/21078,5985.2%118,4106.3%11
4Lada Samara6,3973.9%412,5504.3%44
5Renault Logan5,9393.6%510,8393.7%56
6Ford Focus4,8602.9%97,4092.5%65
7Lada 4×43,9042.4%67,3702.5%77
8Chevrolet Niva3,5662.1%106,0582.1%89
9Hyundai Solaris3,4062.1%3,4191.2%22
10Nissan Qashqai3,3212.0%125,6861.9%1017
11Daewoo Nexia3,0641.8%75,8732.0%98
12Opel Astra2,9731.8%145,1401.8%1312
13Kia Rio2,9291.8%115,4131.8%1213
14VW Polo2,8671.7%85,4211.8%11
15Skoda Octavia2,5731.6%134,7561.6%1421
16Chevrolet Lacetti2,5541.5%174,4141.5%1710
17Kia Cee’d2,5361.5%164,4351.5%1614
18Renault Sandero2,5331.5%154,5031.5%1519
19Mitsubishi ASX2,4051.4%263,6031.2%21
20Toyota RAV42,1651.3%203,6441.2%2023
21Daewoo Matiz2,1291.3%183,9251.3%1811
22Toyota Corolla1,9971.2%193,7331.3%1925
23Nissan Tiida1,8471.1%233,1491.1%23
24Kia Cerato1,6851.0%213,0981.1%24
25Chevrolet Aveo1,6231.0%242,8841.0%2516

Source:, many thanks to rickm from for sharing the source!


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  1. There is one problem with this statistics: Russia is big and buying patterns vary greatly from region to region. For example, in the Far East used Japanese cars make up 90-something percent of all cars purchased (watch this video from Vladivostok: – yes, all of them are right-hand drive 🙂
    And in places like Moscow and St Petersburg there is no that Lada predominance either. Unfortunately, I’ve only found Moscow statistics for the first six months of 2009: with Ford Focus leading.

    While searching for that information, I also found a top five stolen cars list for Moscow 🙂 These are Mitsubishi Lancer, Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V (


    1. Hey Anton, this is fascinating info! Thanks very much for the links… I will add this Moscow 6 months 2009 ranking to my Russian 2009 post to give it more perspective!

      1. Oh, one more thing. What I said about the Far East was true until last year, when draconian tariffs on used cars were introduced. So now it’s more about the urban landscape than the actual market.

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