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Poland Full Year 2010: Octavia, Fabia and Astra on podium

The Polish car market is up 4% this year with 334,395 registrations. The Skoda Octavia (5.5% share) and Fabia (3.8%) keep their positions, whereas the Opel Astra climbs up to the 3rd place (+11 spots and 111%) at 11,635 sales and 3.5%. It is followed by the Ford Focus (+1 spot), VW Golf (-1) and Fiat Punto (-3).

Great performance of the Nissan Qashqai at #8 (+10 spots and 42%) and VW Polo at #11 (+5). In December, the Opel Insignia is up to 6th with 3% share. It finishes the year at #16 (+35%). Full December and 2010 Top 20 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below.

The Opel Astra grows 111% and 11 spots in 2010 in Poland.

Poland December 2010:

1Skoda Octavia1,7454.9%118,3355.5%1
2Ford Focus1,5554.3%411,2893.4%4
3Opel Astra1,5254.2%311,6353.5%3
4VW Golf1,2233.4%109,4882.8%5
5Skoda Fabia1,1143.1%212,7063.8%2
6Opel Insignia1,0613.0%85,8631.8%16
7VW Polo9432.6%166,2841.9%12
8Toyota Yaris9212.6%69,1142.7%7
9Fiat Punto8922.5%99,3492.8%6
10Ford Mondeo7042.0%135,9411.8%14
11Citroen Berlingo6991.9%74,7091.4%20
12Fiat Panda6831.9%146,9152.1%9
13Opel Corsa6351.8%155,7681.7%17
14Toyota Avensis6301.8%184,9201.5%18
15Hyundai i306171.7%126,9012.1%10
16Toyota Auris5921.6%214,7861.4%19
17Honda CR-V5851.6%n/a
18Nissan Qashqai5811.6%117,3232.2%8
19VW Passat5661.6%246,0011.8%13
20Kia Cee’d5371.5%256,2841.9%11

Poland Full Year 2010:

1Skoda Octavia18,3355.5%-3%18,9185.9%1
2Skoda Fabia12,7063.8%-9%13,9804.3%2
3Opel Astra11,6353.5%111%5,5091.7%14
4Ford Focus11,2893.4%18%9,6023.0%5
5VW Golf9,4882.8%-4%9,8803.1%4
6Fiat Punto9,3492.8%-11%10,5603.3%3
7Toyota Yaris9,1142.7%-1%9,1732.8%6
8Nissan Qashqai7,3232.2%42%5,1471.6%18
9Fiat Panda6,9152.1%-9%7,5862.4%8
10Hyundai i306,9012.1%3%6,7072.1%9
11VW Polo6,2841.9%17%5,3601.7%16
12Kia Cee’d6,2841.9%-25%8,3502.6%7
13VW Passat6,0011.8%12%5,3381.7%17
14Ford Mondeo5,9411.8%9%5,4371.7%15
15Renault Megane5,9021.8%4%5,6961.8%12
16Opel Insignia5,8631.8%35%4,3281.3%23
17Opel Corsa5,7681.7%-3%5,9191.8%11
18Toyota Avensis4,9201.5%-26%6,6262.1%10
19Toyota Auris4,7861.4%0%4,7911.5%20
20Citroen Berlingo4,7091.4%71%2,7500.9%30

Source: SAMAR


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