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Europe January 2011: VW Golf and Polo dominate

The European car market is stable in January, down only 1% at 1,070,231 registrations thanks to France and Germany holding well. The VW Golf is distant leader at 38,860 sales and 3.6%, and the VW Polo is back to #2 with 28,882 sals and 2.7%. Both are very close to their 2010 shares.

The Ford Fiesta is down 31% on January 2010 in 3rd, followed by the Renault Clio (-21%) and the Opel Corsa (-2%). The Opel Astra is up 7% in 6th place with 21,603 registrations and 2% of the market. The only other model to be up on January 2010 is the Ford Focus in 9th.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Europe January 2011:

1VW Golf38,8603.6%-2%1492,5563.6%1
2VW Polo28,8822.7%-9%4354,0682.6%3
3Ford Fiesta27,0122.5%-31%6402,2072.9%2
4Renault Clio25,5252.4%-21%3338,2452.5%4
5Opel Corsa22,6082.1%-2%2317,9502.3%5
6Opel Astra21,6032.0%+7%7291,2192.1%7
7Peugeot 20720,7421.9%-17%5305,4682.2%6
8Fiat Punto20,7181.9%-26%8257,6451.9%10
9Ford Focus20,6731.9%+1%11262,5001.9%8
10Renault Megane19,3691.8%-6%9260,5421.9%9

Note: The European figures include the 27 European Union countries minus Bulgaria, Romania and Malta, plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

Source: JATO

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  1. Hi Matt

    Could you also sometimes post World’s top 50 or top 100 List of Cars. Atleast as per your databank for all markets. I believe, Corolla, Camry, F-150, Cruze, polo, Golf, Punto, Fiesta, Aveo, Civic can be top contenders but have no way to know the veracity of this.

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