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Taiwan December 2010: Honda CR-V #2, Corolla leader in 2010

The Taiwanese car market is in good shape in 2010 at 327,615 registrations. The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in Taiwan as it has been the case for a few years now. With 28,084 sales (8.6%), it is way above the Nissan Tiida (4.9%) and the Toyota Yaris, Camry (both at 4.4%) and Wish (4.3%). The Nissan Livina is #6 at 3.7%.

#8 in 2010, the Honda CR-V grabbed an excellent 2nd spot in December with 4.3% of the market, ahead of the Nissan Tiida (3.9%) and Livina (3.3%). The Mitsubishi Colt Plus is #6 (3.2%) and the Honda Fit #8 (3%).

December and Full Year 2010 Top 25: see below.

Taiwan December 2010 Top 25:

1Toyota Corolla2,1887.1%128,0848.6%1
2Honda CR-V1,3404.3%811,7163.6%8
3Nissan Tiida1,2133.9%216,1714.9%2
4Nissan Livina1,0233.3%612,0723.7%6
5Toyota Yaris1,0203.3%314,4214.4%3
6Mitsubishi Colt Plus1,0003.2%128,2522.5%12
7Toyota Camry9953.2%414,3514.4%4
8Honda Fit9333.0%177,6082.3%14
9Ford Focus8952.9%196,4812.0%17
10Ford Escape8732.8%156,8892.1%16
11Mitsubishi Lancer Fortis8592.8%187,7732.4%13
12Toyota Wish8522.8%513,9894.3%5
13Honda Civic8392.7%147,2272.2%15
14Mitsubishi Veryca8302.7%119,1322.8%11
15Toyota Vios8132.6%711,7823.6%7
16Toyota RAV47382.4%910,4903.2%9
17Hyundai ix357172.3%223,3011.0%27
19Mitsubishi Outlander6412.1%166,4432.0%18
20Luxgen 7 SUV6372.1%136,4272.0%19
21VW Golf5401.8%273,9081.2%24
22Mercedes E Class5401.8%233,6131.1%25
23Nissan Teana4601.5%204,3841.3%22
24Mitsubishi Delica4551.5%215,0801.6%21
25Mitsubishi Zinger4031.3%244,2181.3%23

Taiwan Full Year 2010 Top 25:

1Toyota Corolla28,0848.6%
2Nissan Tiida16,1714.9%
3Toyota Yaris14,4214.4%
4Toyota Camry14,3514.4%
5Toyota Wish13,9894.3%
6Nissan Livina12,0723.7%
7Toyota Vios11,7823.6%
8Honda CR-V11,7163.6%
9Toyota RAV410,4903.2%
11Mitsubishi Veryca9,1322.8%
12Mitsubishi Colt Plus8,2522.5%
13Mitsubishi Lancer Fortis7,7732.4%
14Honda Fit7,6082.3%
15Honda Civic7,2272.2%
16Ford Escape6,8892.1%
17Ford Focus6,4812.0%
18Mitsubishi Outlander6,4432.0%
19Luxgen 7 SUV6,4272.0%
20Luxgen 7 MPV (e)5,5141.7%
21Mitsubishi Delica5,0801.6%
22Nissan Teana4,3841.3%
23Mitsubishi Zinger4,2181.3%
24VW Golf3,9081.2%
25Mercedes E Class3,6131.1%


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