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Brazil mid-January 2011: Gol at 10%, Kombi at its best in 6 months

The very first 2011 figures come from Brazil, thanks to Fenavabre’s bi-monthly updates. Brazilian car sales are up 16% at 114,015 registrations halfway through January, and the VW Gol is off to a great start just under 10% share at 11,262 sales, way above the Fiat Uno (7.5%) and VW Fox (4.9%).

Let’s take advantage of this relatively uneventful ranking to salute the performance of the 60 year-old VW Kombi. Launched in 1950 and built in Brazil since 1957, it is probably the longest running model still in production in the world, and it is #34 this month with 771 sales, its best position in 6 months. This is better than cars like the VW Golf, Honda CR-V or Mitsubishi Pajero!

Full mid-January Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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Japan Kei cars 2010: Suzuki Wagon R #1 for 8th year in a row

The Suzuki Wagon R finishes the year as the best selling Kei car in Japan for the 8th consecutive time with 195,108 registrations (-3%), thanks to a very strong month of December at 14,928 sales. The Daihatsu Tanto, leader of the market up to November, ends up #2 at 191,391 sales (+32%).

The Daihatsu Move drops one spot to #3 (-28%). There is one new entrant in the Top 10 this year: the Nissan Roox in 9th at 51,391 sales (+590%). Full Year 2010 Kei cars Top 20 and commercial Kei cars Top 10 below.

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Egypt 2010: Hyundai Verna reclaims top spot

Hyundai Verna

The Egyptian car market bounces back quite nicely from the recession at +21% and 248,917 registrations in 2010. After leading the way in 2007, the Hyundai Verna is back in the top spot this year with sales up a massive 58% to reach 22,020 units and 8.8% market share, ahead of the Chevrolet TFR at 19,497 sales and 7.8%, up a more modest 28%.

Chevrolet Lanos

The Chevrolet Lanos is down to #3 at 17,011 units and 6.8%, up 18%, followed by the Hyundai Elantra (4.3%) up 6% and Accent (4%) up 59%. The Nissan Sunny is up 40% at #6, the Kia Cerato up 42% at #7 and the Kia Carens up 139% at #8.

Hyundai Elantra in Cairo, Egypt

Just outside the Top 10, 3 models deliver whopping increases: the Renault Logan is up 158% to #11 with 6,230 sales and 2.5%, the Chevrolet Cruze is up 128% at #12 and 5,872 units and the Skoda Octavia is up 129% at #13 and 4,705 sales. The Speranza Tiggo is both the best-selling 4WD and Chinese model and at #14, just above the Speranza A516 at #15.

Full Year Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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Denmark 2010: Toyota Aygo & Chevrolet Spark on top

The Danish car market has completely recovered from the GFC: with 153,562 registrations this year it is up 40% on 2009 and 4% on 2008. The Toyota Aygo is the best selling car in Denmark in 2010 with 4,403 sales and 2.9%, ahead of the Chevrolet Spark at 4,242 sales and the Opel Corsa at 4,232 (both 2.8%).

The Fiat 500, #1 up until September, has dropped to 4th over the full year at 4,136 sales and 2.7%, above the Ford Fiesta (2.6%) and VW Polo (2.4%). The Ford Focus at #7 is the best selling non-mini model. Boosted by exceptionally strong figures in December, the Ford Mondeo (#12), Opel Insignia (#16) and Citroen C5 (#31) finish on a high.

Full Year 2010 Top 30: click on ‘Read more’ below.

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China December 2010: Great Wall Tengyi #3, BYD F3 #1 in 2010 Now with Top 200 best selling models in 2010


*Thanks to DC at for the Full Year 2010 Top 200! See ‘Read more’ below*

This month, 3 Chinese models land in the Top 6, a feat rare enough to be noticed. The BYD F3, after months spent outside the podium, comes back to #1 to cap off a fantastic year: it is the best selling car in China in 2010 with 263,947 sales. It was #1 in January, February, March, May and December.

Known for its SUVs and pick-ups, Great Wall establishes itself as a generalist car manufacturer with the Tengyi C30 sedan which enters the very short list of Chinese cars having featured on the podium in their own country. Launched in June, it is #3 this month with a very impressive 24,723 sales. Lastly, the FAW Xiali N3/N5 continues its good run at #6 both in December and in 2010.

The VW Lavida stays above 25k monthly sales and finishes the year in 2nd place with 251,615 units. It was #1 in June, October & November. The Hyundai Elantra Yuedong is #3 (233,344 sales), followed by the VW Jetta (224,523 sales, #1 in April, July & August) and Buick Excelle (222,494, #1 in September).

Full Year 2010 Top 200, Top 10 in pictures & December 2010 Top 100: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Great Wall Tengyi C30

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Poland November 2010: Kia Sportage #5, Citroen Berlingo #7

The recovery is here in Poland: car sales are up 25% in November at 33,911 units, bringing the 2010 total back into positive at 298,344 units, up 2%. The top of the ranking is unchanged, with the Skoda Octavia and Fabia still dominant.

This month’s surprises are just below: the Kia Sportage delivers an amazing 5th place (up 11 spots on October!) with 888 sales and 2.6%. Last month’s 8th place was not a fluke for the Citroen Berlingo, 7th in November at 844 sales and 2.5% and already 20th YTD (4,010 sales and +65%).

More commentaries, full November 2010 and 10 months YTD Top 20: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Citroen Berlingo

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Indonesia 2010: Toyota Avanza #1 at 18.5% in record market

The Indonesian car market had a record year in 2010 with 764,710 sales, up 57% on 2009! The Toyota Avanza is still the best selling car in Indonesia by far with 141,799 sales and 18.5% share, ahead of its twin the Daihatsu Xenia at 65,901 sales (8.6%). The two models hold an impressive 27.1% of the market, however down from 29.5% in 2009.

In 3rd, the Toyota Innova is holding well at 53,824 units sold (7%), ahead of the best selling passenger car, the Honda Jazz at 3% of the market. The Nissan Grand Livina delivers the strongest progression in the Top 10: it goes from 9th to 5th with 22,560 registrations, up 125%. The Toyota Vios is the only new entrant in the Top 10 in 8th with 16,979 sales.

More pictures and Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Vietnam 2010: Toyota Innova and Fortuner fight it out

Toyota Innova in Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2011

The Vietnamese car market is down 26% in December at 11,198 registrations, bringing the 2010 figure to 112,224, down 6%. The Toyota Innova keeps the title of best selling car in Vietnam in 2010 with 7,419 sales and 6.6%. The Toyota Fortuner, #2 at 6,551 sales and 5.8%, is getting closer every month: only 19 sales separated the two models in December.

Two more Toyotas follow: the Corolla at 5.4% (6.3% in December thanks to the restyled version) and the Vios at 5.2%. The Daewoo Lacetti (aka Chevrolet Cruze) reaches #5 in 2010 with 3.8% of the market, ahead of the Kia Morning (Picanto) at 2.9% and the Daewoo Matiz (aka Chevrolet Spark) at 2.6%. The new Kia Forte is also very successful in Vietnam: #14 in 2010, it is already #8 in December with a very solid 3.3% share.

Full Photo Report, Top10 in pictures, Dec & Full Year 2010 Top 20: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Toyota Fortuner in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 2010

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Chile Full Year 2010: Hyundai Accent on top

275,270 cars were sold in Chile in 2010, up an outstanding 68% over 2009, and a new record. Very little models ranking information is available, only that the Hyundai Accent is the best selling car in Chile in 2010 with 12,142 units sold (4.4%), ahead of the Chevrolet Aveo at 10,350 (3.8%) and the Nissan Tiida at 8,048 (2.9%).

Source: ANAC, Picture: Flickr

Latvia Full Year 2010: VW Golf & Peugeot Partner on top

* See the Top 50 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

The Latvian car market is up 33% on a dismal 2009 year with 4,976 registrations in 2010. The VW Golf takes the lead at 238 sales and 4.8%. In #2 thanks to an amazing last couple of months, the Peugeot Partner delivers an impressive 3.5% share with 176 sales.

#1 in 2009, the Toyota Avensis drops 1 spot with 176 sales in equal #2, ahead of the Toyota Land Cruiser at 3.2% and the Toyota RAV4 at 2.9%. The Skoda Octavia is #6 at +70%, the Ford Focus #7 at +121%. Other great performers are the Toyota Verso at #14 (+975%) and the Skoda Yeti at #18 (+2433%).

Full Year 2010 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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