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Spain November 2010: Qashqai now #2 year-to-date!

The Spanish car market is down 26% year-on-year in November at 64,515 registrations, but still up 6% year-to-date.  No surprises at #1, the Seat Ibiza is still the best selling car in Spain at 3.7% this month.

The Nissan Qashqai’s strong performance at #2 with 2,093 sales and 3.2% enables it to pass both Peugeot 207 and Renault Megane in the year-to-date rankings to land a well deserved 2nd place overall (27,694 sales, 3%). The Opel Astra is also extremely solid this month in 3rd  with 2.7%.

Also to be noticed is the best-ever 11th position of the Hyundai i20 (1.9%), the Dacia Duster at #12, still very strong with 1.9% after a stint in the Top 10 last month, and the Nissan Juke coming in at #35 with 1%.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

1Seat Ibiza2,3593.7%137,5644.1%1
2Nissan Qashqai2,0933.2%327,6943.0%2
3Opel Astra1,7352.7%622,8972.5%8
4Renault Megane1,6652.6%227,5963.0%3
5Ford Focus1,5632.4%1920,5722.3%12
6Seat Leon1,4792.3%923,6862.6%6
7Peugeot 3081,4272.2%822,5302.5%9
8Citroen C41,3792.1%720,6802.3%11
9Peugeot 2071,3012.0%427,4143.0%4
10Ford Fiesta1,2972.0%1823,0572.5%7
11Hyundai i201,2111.9%386,6000.7%39
12Dacia Duster1,1951.9%104,8850.5%56
13Opel Insignia1,1771.8%1611,9091.3%22
14VW Golf1,1491.8%524,4112.7%5
15VW Polo1,1461.8%1118,5022.0%14
16Citroen C3/Picasso1,0911.7%2218,4922.0%15
17Hyundai i301,0831.7%2512,9431.4%20
18BMW 1-Series1,0611.6%4110,8391.2%27
19Opel Corsa1,0501.6%1722,1762.4%10
20Renault Clio1,0501.6%1318,5062.0%13
21Seat Altea9461.5%1414,1321.5%18
22Toyota Auris8661.3%2110,8761.2%25
23Renault Scenic8281.3%1214,7291.6%17
24VW Passat8191.3%1517,2671.9%16
26Audi A47451.2%2610,7931.2%28
27Citroen Xsara Picasso7121.1%2411,0791.2%24
28Dacia Sandero7071.1%2911,6571.3%23
29Ford Kuga7011.1%2010,8651.2%26
30Seat Exeo7011.1%357,5650.8%34
31Audi A36991.1%2713,2801.5%19
32Citroen C4 Picasso6891.1%2312,6001.4%21
33BMW 3-Series6701.0%476,3780.7%42
34Mercedes C Class6461.0%318,1590.9%32
35Nissan Juke6351.0%451,0830.1%n/a
36Kia Sportage6251.0%n/a1,8900.2%n/a
37BMW X15470.8%435,6630.6%49
38Ford C-Max5470.8%324,8070.5%57
39Chevrolet Aveo5430.8%338,6640.9%30
40Skoda Octavia5270.8%466,4220.7%41
41Mitsubishi ASX4980.8%442,4240.3%n/a
42Skoda Fabia4900.8%518,4190.9%31
43Opel Meriva4850.8%612,9390.3%n/a
44Citroen C54640.7%397,6670.8%33
45Hyundai ix354440.7%663,0710.3%71
46Audi Q54420.7%564,7480.5%59
47Toyota Verso4300.7%554,9570.5%55
48Peugeot 4074230.7%495,4110.6%52
49Toyota Yaris4150.6%288,9721.0%29
50Peugeot 30084020.6%345,8870.6%47


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