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Turkey September 2010: Symbol & Fluence back on top

Weak September in Turkey at 42,477 registrations (-19%) but the year-to-date figure is still up by a shiny 11% at 312,403 sales.

After a couple of months all over the place, the model ranking is back to its more traditional self in Turkey: Renault tops the charts with the Symbol #1 (6.4%) and the Fluence #2 (5.1%). The Hyundai Accent Era, #3 (4.9%), still leads the year-to-date ranking at 6% vs. 5.7% for the Symbol.

Only hatchback in the Top 7, the Ford Fiesta stays solid in 4th at 4.8%. The Toyota Corolla, Fiat Albea (Palio sedan) and Linea (Grande Punto sedan) follow. The Megane gains 13 spots in 10th at 2.4%, the Nissan Qashqai (19th) and Dacia Sandero (20th) slip into the Top 20.

Full Top 20 ranking table below.

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