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Turkey August 2010

The Turkish market has become very unstable in the last couple of months as far as the models ranking is concerned. #1 in 2009 but slowing down in the last few months, the Hyundai Accent Era is back on top in August with 5.7% market share, ahead of the Toyota Corolla which was #1 in July. The new Opel Astra Hatchback is 3rd with an extraordinary 4.8% market share and +6 spots vs. July.

Used to the podium in 2010, the Renaults Fluence and Symbol are down to 5th and 6th even though their market shares are actually not that weak: 4.7% and 4.3% respectively.

To put things in perspective it is useful to have a look at the year-to-date rankings: the Hyundai Accent Era still dominates with 16,699 units sold (6.2%), followed by the Renault Symbol at 14,994 sales (5.6%) and the Renault Fluence at 13,249 (4.9%).

More commentaries and Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Opel is very strong this month with the Corsa another solid performer in 8th at 2.7%.

One of the interesting facts of the Turkish market is that the sedan versions of most models are very high sellers, so much so that some models are built with mainly the Turkish market in mind: the Fiat Linea (sedan version of the Fiat Grande Punto) and the Renault Symbol (a Clio sedan) are two examples.

1Hyundai Accent Era2,4275.7%416,6996.2%1
2Toyota Corolla2,0234.8%111,4174.2%4
3Opel Astra HB2,0224.8%97,6592.8%9
4Ford Fiesta2,0034.7%511,0424.1%5
5Renault Fluence1,9784.7%313,2494.9%3
6Renault Symbol1,8114.3%214,9945.6%2
7Ford Focus Sedan1,7854.2%610,5743.9%6
8Opel Corsa1,1282.7%166,2552.3%12
9Fiat Linea9882.3%88,9503.3%7
10Hyundai Getz9682.3%137,1172.6%11

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