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USA September 2010

Hyundai Sonata

After a very tough year last year, 2010 has seen the US car market go back to normal with an outrageous domination from the Ford F-Series and September is no exception: it gains 40% over to Sep ’09 at 47,433 sales, while the Chevrolet Silverado does even better, up 66% at 32,185 sales. The 2 models are also leading the way in the 2010 Year-To-Date ranking.

Superstars in 2009, the passenger cars are a little shy this year. The Toyota Camry still manages an increase of 20% over 2009 with 30,769 sales in 3rd, 9,000 sales ahead of the Honda Accord, 4th at 21,620 units.

The Toyota Corolla is 5th overall, only 421 sales ahead of the Hyundai Sonata which continues to post remarkable results. At 20,639 units sold in September, the Sonata is 161% ahead of its Sep ’09 numbers and ranks 6th overall (4th passenger car) for the 2nd month in a row. This is an exceptional performance for the Korean manufacturer, and the Sonata is already 10th in the 2010 YTD rankings.

Full ranking table and more details below.

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