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Malaysia 2008-2009: Perodua Myvi, Viva & Proton Saga on podium

Perodua Myvi in Malaka, Malaysia April 2008

Perodua Viva in Malaka, Malaysia April 2008

A couple of years of stability in a traditionally turbulent market, 2008 and 2009 see the continuing rule of the Perodua Myvi at 17.5% share in 2009 and close to 90,000 sales in both years. It is joined on the podium by the Perodua Viva at 67,000+ sales each year, #2 in 2008 and #3 in 2009.

The Proton Saga climbs on the podium in 2008 (66,533 sales) and reaches #2 with 71,688 sales and 13.9% in 2009. The Proton Persona and Toyota Vios follow in both years, and the Honda City replaces the Toyota Avanza at #6 in 2009.

11 months 2008 Top 40 and Full Year 2009 Top 50 Ranking Tables: click on ‘Read more’ below the Proton Saga picture.

Proton Saga in Malaka, Malaysia April 2008

Malaysia 11 months 2008:

1Perodua Myvi81,4967,2671
2Perodua Viva62,3954,8803
3Proton Saga60,8996,2632
4Proton Persona39,1932,6285
5Toyota Vios30,1042,6424
6Toyota Avanza19,5591,2067
7Toyota Camry11,8527828
8Nissan Grand Livina11,3567579
9Toyota Hilux11,2231,3126
10Proton Iswara10,4912
11Honda City9,35755712
12Honda Civic8,18873111
13Honda Accord6,98374310
14Proton Waja6,86833320
15Perodua Kancil6,76851013
16Toyota Corolla5,75539016
17Toyota Rush5,65133519
18Naza Citra5,00422625
19Toyota Innova4,98937517
20Mitsubishi Triton4,67746714
21Isuzu D-Max4,52141515
22Honda CR-V4,10728921
23Proton Gen23,74524124
24Suzuki Swift3,62726522
25Proton Satria Neo3,53033918
26Perodua Kenari3,50326523
27Nissan Latio3,32414330
28Proton Savvy3,00322026
29Naza Suria2,61110835
30Inokom Matrix2,25363
31Inokom Getz2,18910136
32Proton Wira2,09013332
33Nissan Sentra1,91215729
34Nissan Sylphy1,77219427
35Proton Perdana1,64812034
36Nissan Frontier1,64414131
37Mercedes C Class1,56817928
38Mitsubishi Lancer1,49473
39Toyota Fortuner1,43912733
40BMW 3 Series1,43669

Malaysia Full Year 2009:

1Perodua Myvi90,59517.5%3%88,2251
2Proton Saga71,68813.9%8%66,5333
3Perodua Viva67,97713.1%1%67,5732
4Proton Persona42,9848.3%2%42,3104
5Toyota Vios29,3875.7%-10%32,7105
6Honda City19,7223.8%102%9,74311
7Proton Exora18,4513.6%new0
8Toyota Hilux14,5722.8%16%12,5728
9Nissan Grand Livina12,2872.4%2%12,0069
10Toyota Avanza11,4682.2%-45%20,8166
11Toyota Camry8,7151.7%-32%12,7747
12Honda Civic7,7221.5%-11%8,72312
13Honda Accord6,0521.2%-18%7,34914
14Isuzu D-Max5,0481.0%0%5,02621
15Mitsubishi Triton4,9731.0%-2%5,07720
16Toyota Innova4,9561.0%-9%5,41718
17Toyota Corolla4,5850.9%-27%6,27916
18Proton Satria Neo4,0490.8%5%3,84624
19Naza Citra4,0460.8%-22%5,21119
20Suzuki Swift3,6830.7%-3%3,81625
21Honda CR-V3,4740.7%-19%4,30422
22Proton Waja3,3900.7%-54%7,38013
23Perodua Kancil3,1680.6%-55%7,11515
24Toyota Rush3,0010.6%-50%6,01917
25Nissan Sylphy2,8660.6%49%1,92234
26Perodua Alza2,8500.6%new0
27Naza Bestari2,3350.5%305%576
28Nissan Latio2,2720.4%-36%3,52927
29Hyundai i102,1930.4%146%890
30Perodua Kenari2,0690.4%-44%3,70326
31Proton Gen22,0590.4%-50%4,14323
32BMW 3 Series2,0030.4%21%1,65939
33Proton Wira1,9740.4%-8%2,14532
34Mercedes C Class1,8020.3%6%1,69537
35Toyota Fortuner1,7980.3%20%1,49742
36Proton Savvy1,7920.3%-44%3,17828
37Nissan Sentra1,7490.3%-14%2,03233
38Chery Eastar1,6760.3%262%463
39Naza Ria1,5720.3%16%1,35843
40Toyota Hiace1,4950.3%31%1,14445
41Nissan Vanette1,4820.3%11%1,33144
42Nissan Frontier1,4790.3%-15%1,74236
43Ford Ranger1,4750.3%29%1,13946
44Inokom Getz1,4200.3%-39%2,31331
45Naza Rondo1,3550.3%136%574
46Proton Perdana1,3440.3%-23%1,75235
47Nissan Navara1,3020.3%589%189
48Nissan X-Trail1,2570.2%-18%1,53140
49Inokom Matrix1,2290.2%-51%2,52930
50Mercedes E Class1,1990.2%-20%1,50141


Note: I took all pictures in this post during my trip to Malaysia in April 2008.

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