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Slovakia 2008: Fabia, Octavia and Suzuki SX4 on podium

+17% for the Slovak car market in 2008, reaching 70,040 registrations. Skoda places the Fabia and Octavia on top of the sales ranking again, and the Fabia continues its slow decline at -5% this year and 7,922 sales or 11.3% of the market. The Octavia grows faster than the market at +31% with 4,863 sales and 6.9%.

After the Ignis in 2005 and the Swift in 2007, the SX4 is the ‘Suzuki du jour’ in Slovakia, growing 136% year-on-year to reach 2,619 sales, a very solid 3.7% market share and an outstanding 3rd place. Both the Kia Cee’d (2.8%) and the Citroen C3 (2.7%) grow 9% in 4th and 5th positions respectively, ahead of the Renault Thalia in 6th, up 23%.

Full Year 2008 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Slovakia Full Year 2008:

1Skoda Fabia7,92211.3%8,36814.0%1-5%
2Skoda Octavia4,8636.9%3,7156.2%231%
3Suzuki SX42,6193.7%1,1101.9%12136%
4Kia Ceed1,9802.8%1,8123.0%49%
5Citroen C31,9042.7%1,7412.9%59%
6Renault Thalia1,8122.6%1,4682.5%723%
7VW Golf1,7532.5%9921.7%1577%
8Ford Fiesta1,7332.5%1,3602.3%827%
9Suzuki Swift1,5872.3%2,4364.1%3-35%
10VW Polo1,5752.2%7951.3%2198%
11Peugeot 2071,5532.2%1,3192.2%918%
12Peugeot 2061,3792.0%1,4872.5%6-7%
13Chevrolet Aveo1,3581.9%5390.9%32152%
14Toyota Yaris1,3551.9%1,0001.7%1436%
15Kia Rio1,3301.9%1,0551.8%1326%
16Citroen C41,1981.7%1,1401.9%105%
17Seat Ibiza1,1301.6%8521.4%2033%
18Ford Fusion1,0981.6%9121.5%1820%
19Renault Clio 39731.4%3390.6%42187%
20Fiat Punto9381.3%5851.0%3060%
21Peugeot 3089311.3%00.0%new
22VW Passat9031.3%9531.6%17-5%
23Opel Corsa8781.3%8681.5%191%
24Toyota Auris8741.2%5000.8%3475%
25Dacia Logan8501.2%6311.1%2835%
26Ford Focus8191.2%7531.3%239%
27Opel Astra Classic7471.1%6501.1%2715%
28Dacia Sandero7441.1%00.0%new
29Fiat Grande Punto6951.0%6551.1%266%
30Hyundai Accent6520.9%1,1241.9%11-42%
31Opel Astra6440.9%7081.2%24-9%
32Skoda Superb5500.8%3980.7%3738%
33Nissan Qashqai5420.8%3550.6%4053%
34Honda Civic5400.8%5600.9%31-4%
35Suzuki Splash5390.8%00.0%new
36Hyundai Getz5040.7%7691.3%22-34%
37Audi A44690.7%1660.3%58183%
39Renault Megane4530.6%4150.7%359%
40Skoda Roomster4450.6%5360.9%33-17%
41Mercedes C Class4180.6%4070.7%363%
42Fiat Bravo4160.6%2780.5%45new
44Renault Clio Storia3300.5%6231.0%29-47%
45Hyundai Matriz3290.5%570.1%477%
46Hyundai i303140.4%00.0%new
47Suzuki Ignis3090.4%9851.6%16-69%
48Seat Cordoba3030.4%3960.7%38-23%
49Fiat Linea2970.4%1220.2%143%
50BMW 3 Series2750.4%2210.4%5124%


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