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Germany 2008: Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class on podium

VW Golf 6

* See the Top 346 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Florian *

At 3,090,040 registrations this year, down 2%, German new car sales are at their lowest since the reunification… The VW Golf is slowing getting itself out of the weakest period of the nameplate’s 35 year career, thanks to the Station Wagon version and the 6th generation launched towards the end of the year. It is up 15% to 173,034 sales and 5.6% market share, still very shy by Golf standards.

Audi A4

For the first time in 50 years (since 1958!), only one model sells over 100,000 units in Germany, showing the increasing fragmentation of the market. The Audi A4 reaches an annual 2nd place for the first time ever in Germany, up 17% to 98,714 sales and 3.2%. It peaked at 10,106 units and 3.8% in July.

Mercedes C Class

The Mercedes C Class confirms the success of its current generation by finishing the year at an excellent #3 with 93,733 sales and 3%, up 20%. Its best month was also July at 9,646 units and 3.7%. The BMW 3 Series drops 1 spot to #4 and the VW Passat drops 3 to #5. The Opel Astra is down 8% to #6, albeit reaching a lowest-ever 16th place and 1.6% share in November.

BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series has by a large margin its best-ever year so far in Germany, #7 overall with 75,621 sales and 2.4%, up 8 spots and 37%. It delivered its best-ever month in May with 8,567 sales and 3.1% in 4th place. Its direct competitor, the Audi A3, dropped 1 rank to #11 but reached a best-ever 5th place in November.

Helped by the new generation, the Skoda Fabia broke into the Germany Top 10 for the very first time in August and repeated this feat twice within the year, reaching a best-ever 5,859 sales in September and 2.3% share in December. It finished the year at #14, its best year-end position in Germany so far.

The VW Tiguan, launched in late 2007, progressed regularly all throughout the year to reach a record 17th place and 1.6% share in November. It is #24 in the full year. At #17, the Peugeot 207 is the 2nd best-selling import, peaking at #12 and 1.9% in May. Hyundai makes history in November and becomes the first South Korean manufacturer to place two models within the German Top 25: the i10 at #22 and the Getz at #25.

Full Top 346 and every Monthly Top 30 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out every Monthly Top 30 here: Germany 2008 Month by Month

You can check out the Top 346 of all models sold in Germany in 2008 here.

Note both rankings above add up sales of VW Golf, Golf Plus and Jetta, VW Passat and Passat CC, Toyota Corolla and Corolla Verso, Seat Leon and Altea, Citroen C4 and C4 Picasso, etc. Therefore the Top 346 differs slightly from the Top 100 below.

Germany Full Year 2008:

1VW Golf173,0345.6%15%1150,1334.8%
2Audi A498,7143.2%17%484,0922.7%
3Mercedes C-Klasse93,7333.0%20%778,2542.5%
4BMW 3er87,3022.8%-13%3100,5593.2%
5VW Passat85,9142.8%-18%2105,3083.3%
6Opel Astra76,0692.5%-8%583,0482.6%
7BMW 1er75,6212.4%37%1655,1051.8%
8VW Polo71,9522.3%-6%876,6832.4%
9Opel Corsa67,6142.2%-15%679,0982.5%
10Ford Focus66,2442.1%15%1357,5461.8%
11Audi A365,0882.1%-8%1070,5172.2%
12Mercedes A-Klasse61,5832.0%-1%1162,1932.0%
13VW Touran57,3241.9%-22%973,0812.3%
14Skoda Fabia56,7481.8%13%1950,3281.6%
15VW Golf Plus55,6591.8%-4%1258,0791.8%
16Mercedes B-Klasse47,8801.5%-7%1751,4841.6%
17Peugeot 20746,0531.5%4%2244,2431.4%
18Audi A645,3041.5%-18%1555,3611.8%
19Skoda Octavia44,9771.5%-6%2147,7111.5%
20BMW 5er44,4181.4%-11%2050,0241.6%
21Ford Fiesta43,4871.4%-14%1850,8071.6%
22Mercedes E-Klasse43,1121.4%-24%1456,6951.8%
23VW Transporter37,3751.2%-8%2340,6891.3%
24VW Tiguan35,5381.2%854%1393,7250.1%
25Smart Fortwo33,7661.1%8%2631,1711.0%
26Ford Mondeo32,6781.1%12%3029,0670.9%
27VW Caddy31,5191.0%41%3522,4070.7%
29Opel Meriva30,6571.0%-19%2437,8281.2%
30Opel Zafira30,5471.0%-13%2534,9811.1%
31Toyota Yaris27,6740.9%-5%2929,0740.9%
32Seat Ibiza26,8840.9%9%3224,7190.8%
33Renault Clio26,2990.9%-11%2729,5060.9%
34Renault Twingo22,1520.7%63%5713,5950.4%
35Fiat Grande Punto20,6390.7%-16%3324,5080.8%
36Dacia Logan18,5330.6%7%4317,3030.5%
37BMW X318,4860.6%-17%3622,1970.7%
38Fiat 50018,1780.6%735%1762,1780.1%
39Peugeot 30818,0460.6%390%1403,6860.1%
40Ford C-Max17,6920.6%-16%3820,9670.7%
41Toyota Auris17,4910.6%-14%3920,3730.6%
42BMW X516,4160.5%14%5414,4360.5%
43Renault Mégane15,6250.5%-30%3422,4600.7%
44VW Fox15,4650.5%-43%3127,1040.9%
46Nissan Qashqai15,2610.5%31%6911,6410.4%
47Citroen C115,2330.5%26%6512,0710.4%
48Fiat Panda14,8610.5%-4%5115,4280.5%
49Renault Scénic14,8470.5%-30%3721,3290.7%
50Honda Civic14,8430.5%11%5813,4210.4%
51Hyundai Getz14,6810.5%32%7211,1420.4%
52Mercedes M-Klasse14,6720.5%-20%4018,3940.6%
53Skoda Roomster14,5100.5%-15%4417,1030.5%
54Suzuki Swift14,2780.5%-4%5314,9460.5%
55Kia Cee’d14,1670.5%40%7610,0970.3%
56Ford S-Max13,8500.4%-10%5215,3870.5%
57Audi A513,4860.4%116%1066,2320.2%
58Mitsubishi Colt13,4700.4%-20%4516,7880.5%
60Opel Agila12,9010.4%460%1672,3030.1%
61Opel Vectra12,8420.4%-29%4118,0870.6%
62Renault Laguna12,4530.4%84%1026,7650.2%
63Fiat Ducato12,3040.4%13%7310,8940.3%
64Toyota Aygo12,1690.4%-25%4716,3190.5%
65Nissan Micra11,9210.4%3%7011,5340.4%
66Seat Leon11,8350.4%-3%6312,2060.4%
67Citroen C4 Picasso11,6240.4%7%7410,8670.3%
69VW Eos11,3420.4%-19%5614,0050.4%
70Honda Jazz11,3210.4%-8%6212,2840.4%
71Ford Fusion10,8050.3%-17%5912,9720.4%
72Renault Kangoo10,7150.3%30%928,2470.3%
73Audi TT10,6300.3%-26%5514,3750.5%
74Toyota Corolla Verso10,5070.3%-34%4915,9200.5%
75Citroen Berlingo9,8150.3%6%829,2390.3%
76Mercedes SLK9,8150.3%1%799,7140.3%
78Peugeot 1079,7070.3%9%858,9460.3%
79Renault Modus9,5310.3%-3%779,8250.3%
80Hyundai i109,5140.3%new –00.0%
81Hyundai i309,4870.3%160%1413,6450.1%
82Toyota Avensis9,3570.3%-39%5015,4600.5%
83Audi Q79,2380.3%-26%6012,4840.4%
84VW Touareg9,2070.3%-21%6811,7150.4%
85VW Passat CC8,6090.3%new –00.0%
86Volvo V708,5100.3%-6%839,0320.3%
87Fiat Bravo8,3130.3%10%977,5370.2%
88Chevrolet Matiz8,1710.3%-12%819,3370.3%
89Toyota RAV48,1470.3%-50%4816,1790.5%
90Mercedes S-Klasse8,0770.3%-2%918,2620.3%
91Hyundai Tucson8,0560.3%-28%7111,2280.4%
92Porsche 9118,0540.3%-5%898,5070.3%
93Seat Altea7,9050.3%-35%6412,1680.4%
94Citroen C57,7300.3%116%1443,5760.1%
95Ford Galaxy7,4240.2%-17%868,9330.3%
96Volvo V507,4230.2%-1%987,5070.2%
97Honda CR-V7,4080.2%-24%789,7890.3%
98Mercedes Vito7,3030.2%16%1056,3200.2%
99Nissan Note7,2320.2%-15%878,5460.3%
100Suzuki SX47,0090.2%14%1096,1360.2%

Source: KBA, Auto Bild, Manufacturers. Many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

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