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Egypt 2008: Chevrolet Pickup, Optra, Aveo & Lanos in Top5

Chevrolet TFR

* See the Top 50 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at the end of the post *

At 261,112 registrations this year, the Egyptian car market is up 15% on 2007 and has doubled in size in just 3 years! The Chevrolet TFR Pickup is back on top with sales up 31% at 22,862 units and an excellent 8.8% share, ahead of 2007’s #1 the Hyundai Verna at 20,041 units and 7.7%. No other car passes the 5% mark.

Chevrolet Optra in Luxor, Egypt December 2008

Chevrolet Aveo in Aswan, Egypt December 2008

The 3 following models are all Chevrolets: the Optra is up 5 spots and 58% at #3 and 4.5% share, the Aveo is up 9 spots at #4 and 4,2% and the Lanos is down one spot at #5 and 4%. The Nissan Sunny (3.9%) and Hyundai Elantra (3.5%) follow.

Speranza A516 in Cairo, Egypt December 2008

Speranza confirms its success: it is now the 4th best-selling brand of passenger cars in Egypt with 6.3% of the market, behind only Hyundai, Chevrolet and Toyota! The Speranza A516 is stable in 9th place with 7,149 sales and 2.7%, the A113 is up 17 spots to #18 and the A213 lands directly at #42. The Brilliance Galena also shines at #41.

Brilliance Galena in Luxor, Egypt December 2008

Speranza A113 in Cairo, Egypt December 2008

Speranza A213 in Cairo, Egypt December 2008

Egypt Full Year 2008:

1Chevrolet TFR22,8628.8%31%17,4627.7%2
2Hyundai Verna20,0417.7%-2%20,4209.0%1
3Chevrolet Optra11,8484.5%58%7,4843.3%8
4Chevrolet Aveo10,8624.2%106%5,2672.3%13
5Chevrolet Lanos10,4684.0%-13%12,0985.3%4
6Nissan Sunny10,2173.9%52%6,7393.0%10
7Hyundai Elantra9,0903.5%20%7,5513.3%7
8Mitsubishi Lancer7,2222.8%-46%13,3495.9%3
9Speranza A5167,1492.7%3%6,9433.0%9
10Hyundai Matrix6,8232.6%-35%10,4974.6%5
11Suzuki Maruti5,8552.2%47%3,9741.7%15
12Toyota Yaris5,6352.2%-1%5,7002.5%12
13Toyota Hilux5,1642.0%32%3,9001.7%16
14Toyota Corolla4,9081.9%-48%9,4884.2%6
15Kia Cerato4,4771.7%new00.0%
16Hyundai Verna Viva4,0861.6%24%3,3081.5%17
17Honda Civic4,0121.5%133%1,7210.8%24
18Speranza A1133,6761.4%315%8860.4%35
19Hyundai Accent3,5981.4%35%2,6621.2%19
20Daewoo Nubira3,0931.2%-35%4,7532.1%14
21Tofas Sahin2,7651.1%-57%6,4432.8%11
22Nissan Pickup S/C2,6231.0%46%1,7950.8%22
23Chevrolet Spark2,4831.0%280%6530.3%51
24Daihatsu Terios2,2440.9%50%1,5010.7%26
25Opel Vectra2,0980.8%90%1,1070.5%33
26Hyundai i102,0250.8%new00.0%
27Proton Gen21,9740.8%3%1,9100.8%21
28Suzuki Alto1,8620.7%93%9640.4%34
29Hyundai Getz1,8550.7%39%1,3350.6%27
30VW Jetta1,8310.7%41%1,2950.6%29
31Kia Rio1,8210.7%new00.0%
32Kia Picanto1,5310.6%new00.0%
33Mercedes C Class1,5160.6%114%7090.3%48
34Skoda Octavia1,4920.6%-48%2,8561.3%18
35Toyota Avanza1,4570.6%77%8240.4%38
36VW Passat1,3250.5%-24%1,7520.8%23
37Toyota Land Cruiser1,3150.5%-23%1,7150.8%25
38Toyota Prado1,2500.5%new00.0%
39Jeep Cherokee1,1970.5%48%8080.4%40
40Nissan Tiida1,1490.4%40%8180.4%39
41Brilliance Galena1,0290.4%36%7570.3%45
42Speranza A2139220.4%281%2420.1%
43Ford Focus9180.4%-21%1,1600.5%31
44Mahindra Scorpio8360.3%new00.0%
45Hyundai Sonata7660.3%67%4590.2%60
46Mercedes E Class7460.3%-11%8360.4%37
47Daihatsu Sirion7380.3%39%5320.2%54
48BMW 3 Series7120.3%-36%1,1090.5%32
49Opel Astra6890.3%1%6810.3%49
50Suzuki Pickup6720.3%98%3390.1%70


Note: I took all pictures featured on this page except the Chevrolet TFR in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan during my trip to Egypt in December 2008/January 2009.

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  1. liked ur blog..very informative..pls put more light on car industry in egypt..i would like to know about imported cars and grey import also..

    1. Hi Vishal,
      Thanks very much for your praise.
      i will try my best to find more info about Egypt 🙂

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