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Sweden 2006-2007: Volvo V70 leads, Saab 9-5 and 9-3 shine

Saab 9-3

* See the Top 30 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Car sales are on the up in Sweden: +3% in 2006 at 282,766 registrations and +8% in 2007 at 306,799. The Volvo V70 is king again at 10.4% in 2006 and logically drops to 7.3% in 2007 with the arrival of its replacement, whose sales are counted separately for the first time (the Volvo V70 II sells 9,203 units in 2007 at #7).

The Saab 9-5 reclaims its 2nd spot in 2006 thanks to the new generation with 14,494 sales and 5.1%. It is 4th in 2007, when its little sister the Saab 9-3 reaches its best ever position in Sweden at #2 (+2 spots over 2006) with 14,185 sales and 4.6%. The Volvo V50 is stable at #3 both years. The VW Golf is the best selling foreign model for the 3rd year in a row in 2006, and is then passed by the VW Passat the following year. Both rank 5th.

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Full 2006 & 2007 Top 30 Ranking Tables: click on ‘Read more’ below the Saab 9-5 pic.

Saab 9-5

Volvo C30

The Volvo C30, all-new for 2007, is #19 at the end of that year with 4,018 sales and 1.3% of the Swedish market. This is still to this date its best performance in its native country.

Sweden Full year 2006:

1Volvo V7029,53910.4%6%27,99910.2%1
2Saab 9-514,4945.1%22%11,8944.3%3
3Volvo V5012,5784.4%1%12,4844.6%2
4Saab 9-311,1303.9%19%9,3793.4%5
5VW Golf9,0163.2%-6%9,6033.5%4
6VW Passat8,8573.1%12%7,9062.9%8
7Ford Focus8,7153.1%-4%9,0553.3%6
8Toyota Corolla8,2352.9%-3%8,5183.1%7
9Peugeot 3076,4152.3%-14%7,4352.7%9
10Skoda Octavia5,6822.0%-5%5,9732.2%11
11Skoda Fabia5,6032.0%22%4,6041.7%18
12Audi A45,4361.9%8%5,0151.8%13
13Renault Megane5,2921.9%-14%6,1302.2%10
14Opel Astra5,2421.9%11%4,7021.7%17
15Audi A65,2361.9%7%4,8771.8%15
16BMW 3 Series5,0171.8%16%4,3401.6%21
17Renault Clio4,3051.5%22%3,5401.3%23
18Toyota Avensis4,2161.5%-11%4,7351.7%16
19BMW 5 Series3,9581.4%22%3,2481.2%25
20Volvo S603,9541.4%-23%5,1181.9%12
21Toyota Yaris3,7161.3%9%3,4121.2%24
22Volvo S40 new3,6731.3%-16%4,3581.6%20
23Peugeot 2063,5661.3%-28%4,9261.8%14
24Peugeot 4073,3081.2%-25%4,4181.6%19
25VW Polo2,9491.0%11%2,6541.0%27
26Volvo S80 new2,8281.0%new00.0%
27Ford Mondeo2,2930.8%-29%3,2381.2%26
28Ford Fiesta2,2930.8%29%1,7730.6%40
29Hyundai Santa Fe2,2680.8%23%1,8480.7%37
30Toyota RAV42,1900.8%49%1,4690.5%45

Sweden Full Year 2007:

1Volvo V7022,4667.3%-24%29,53910.4%1
2Saab 9-314,1854.6%27%11,1303.9%4
3Volvo V5011,7723.8%-6%12,5784.4%3
4Saab 9-510,6993.5%-26%14,4945.1%2
5VW Passat9,3253.0%5%8,8573.1%6
6VW Golf9,2743.0%3%9,0163.2%5
7Volvo V70 new9,2033.0%new00.0%
8Ford Focus8,6582.8%-1%8,7153.1%7
9Peugeot 3076,3512.1%-1%6,4152.3%9
10Opel Astra6,0872.0%16%5,2421.9%14
11Audi A46,0182.0%11%5,4361.9%12
12Skoda Fabia5,5501.8%-1%5,6032.0%11
13Audi A65,3691.8%3%5,2361.9%15
14Skoda Octavia5,2121.7%-8%5,6822.0%10
15BMW 3 Series4,8561.6%-3%5,0171.8%16
16Toyota Avensis4,6741.5%11%4,2161.5%18
17Renault Megane4,5981.5%-13%5,2921.9%13
18BMW 5 Series4,2711.4%8%3,9581.4%19
19Volvo C304,0181.3%new400.0%
20Toyota Corolla3,8761.3%-53%8,2352.9%8
21Toyota Auris3,8371.3%new00.0%
22Peugeot 2073,8221.2%133%1,6400.6%43
23Volvo S80 new3,8141.2%35%2,8281.0%26
24Volvo XC703,6131.2%new00.0%
25Kia Cee’d3,5931.2%new00.0%
26VW Polo3,5661.2%21%2,9491.0%25
27Toyota Aygo3,4601.1%114%1,6140.6%44
28Ford Mondeo3,4591.1%51%2,2930.8%27
29Volvo S40 new3,2711.1%-11%3,6731.3%22
30Renault Clio3,2701.1%-24%4,3051.5%17


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