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Slovakia 2007: Fabia & Octavia on top, Swift & Cee’d shine

Slovak car sales are up 1% in 2007 at 59,700 registrations. There are no surprises on top with the two star Skoda models leading the pack. However their combined market share goes down to 20.2% from 27.4% in 2006. The Skoda Fabia, in spite of the launch of the Phase 2, is down 29% at 8,368 sales and 14% share, including 2,039 Phase 2.

The Skoda Octavia is down 15% at 3,715 sales and 6.2%, ahead of the Suzuki Swift, up 6 spots and 108% at 2,436 sales and 4.1% of the Slovak market. The Kia Cee’d, produced in the country and by far the best-performing new car this year, is #4 with 1,812 units sold and 3%. In spite of a 22% progression, the Citroen C3 is down one spot in #5. Notice the 1998 Peugeot 206 still ahead of the 2006 Peugeot 207 at #6 vs. #9.

Full Year 2007 Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Slovakia Full Year 2007:

1Skoda Fabia8,36814.0%11,83520.0%1-29%
2Skoda Octavia3,7156.2%4,3697.4%2-15%
3Suzuki Swift2,4364.1%1,1702.0%9108%
4Kia Ceed1,8123.0%00.0%new
5Citroen C31,7412.9%1,4282.4%422%
6Peugeot 2061,4872.5%2,0913.5%3-29%
7Renault Thalia1,4682.5%1,2172.1%821%
8Ford Fiesta1,3602.3%1,0691.8%1227%
9Peugeot 2071,3192.2%4260.7%33210%
10Citroen C41,1401.9%7221.2%1958%
11Hyundai Accent1,1241.9%4890.8%32130%
12Suzuki SX41,1101.9%7661.3%1845%
13Kia Rio1,0551.8%3640.6%39190%
14Toyota Yaris1,0001.7%8271.4%1621%
15VW Golf9921.7%1,2472.1%7-20%
16Suzuki Ignis9851.6%1,1441.9%10-14%
17VW Passat9531.6%1,3272.2%6-28%
18Ford Fusion9121.5%6081.0%2550%
19Opel Corsa8681.5%7211.2%2020%
20Seat Ibiza8521.4%1,1241.9%11-24%
21VW Polo7951.3%1,3502.3%5-41%
22Hyundai Getz7691.3%6841.2%2112%
23Ford Focus7531.3%6271.1%2420%
24Opel Astra7081.2%9141.5%15-23%
25Peugeot 3076991.2%9261.6%14-25%
26Fiat Grande Punto6551.1%5771.0%2714%
27Opel Astra Classic6501.1%5300.9%2923%
28Dacia Logan6311.1%1,0071.7%13-37%
29Renault Clio Storia6231.0%6001.0%264%
30Fiat Punto5851.0%6771.1%22-14%
31Honda Civic5600.9%4180.7%3534%
32Chevrolet Aveo/Kalos5390.9%6271.1%23-14%
33Skoda Roomster5360.9%2390.4%51124%
34Toyota Auris5000.8%00.0%new
35Renault Megane4150.7%8201.4%17-49%
36Mercedes C Class4070.7%1560.3%65161%
37Skoda Superb3980.7%4110.7%36-3%
38Seat Cordoba3960.7%5090.9%30-22%
40Nissan Qashqai3550.6%00.0%new
41Seat Leon3400.6%4000.7%37-15%
42Renault Clio 33390.6%4260.7%34-20%
43Mitsubishi Colt2940.5%2400.4%5023%
44Audi A32820.5%4950.8%31-43%
45Fiat Bravo2780.5%00.0%new
46Peugeot 4072620.4%3010.5%45-13%
47Kia Picanto2580.4%3540.6%41-27%
48Honda City2550.4%2270.4%5212%
49Chevrolet Spark2240.4%1860.3%5820%
50Opel Vectra2240.4%2980.5%46-25%


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